India not among countries that used spyware

Union Minister VK Singh called The New York Times “supari media” over its report that India was among the countries that bought Israel’s company NSO Group’s spying software ‘Pegasus’.

Supari or the areca nut is more popularly known as the betel nut as it is used with betel leaves to make pan.

However, over a period of times it has been used by the underworld to indicate a contract given to a person to kill someone else in exchange for money.

Over the past few years, it has not been restricted to giving a contract to kill someone but also to damage the reputation of another person.

One of the major supari killings was that of music baron Gulshan Kumar who had been shot dead on August 12, 1997 outside a temple in Andheri.

As per police, the plot to bump him off was hatched in Dubai by Dawood’s brother Anees Ibrahim and Rs 25 lakh had been paid to the killers.