Training Occurs As A Result Of – Training and Development MCQ

Training occurs as a result of

A. Instruction

B. education

C. development

D. all of the above

Answer: all of the above

The training process is a systematic method of passing on the technical and operational skills, knowledge and understanding needed for employees to perform their tasks effectively. Employees need training when they are unfamiliar with their jobs and as part of ongoing development efforts to help them keep up with changes in technology. But effective training is also important for less-experienced workers because it provides a framework for them to develop the skills and habits needed for success.

Training can be provided in many ways, including structured programs that teach new hires what they need to know about the company, programs that educate existing employees on new technologies or processes, or even activities such as coaching and mentoring designed to share experience, knowledge and skills.

Training is a cost incurred by an employer but can yield significant benefits, including increased employee productivity and work quality; shorter learning curves on new assignments; enhanced customer service; fewer workplace accidents; and reduced costs associated with turnover.