What is ethics to do with? (mcq)

What is ethics to do with?

A. The wider community

B. Business

C. Right and wrong

D. Nothing

Answer: Right and wrong

In the broadest sense, ethics is the philosophy concerned with matters of right and wrong. It attempts to answer questions about how we ought to live our lives, how we ought to treat other people, and whether there’s such a thing as universal morality.

To put it another way, ethics is the study of morality. A moral claim is an assertion that something is right or wrong, a categorical statement that something should or should not be done. (So when I say Fast food causes health problems, which might be true, that’s a descriptive claim. But if I say We shouldn’t eat fast food because it causes health problems , I’m making a moral claim.)

Philosophers have been thinking about ethical problems since at least the ancient Greeks (as evidenced by Aristotle’s classic Nicomachean Ethics ), but in recent years the field has expanded far beyond academia. Today it encompasses everything from religious ethics and business ethics to environmental ethics and computer ethics, often referred to as bioethics, corporate ethics or media ethics respectively.

The question of what constitutes ethical behavior has become increasingly important in our globalized world, where economic interdependence can create difficult dilemmas for consumers and businesses alike.