What is the verbal component of a poster?

What is the verbal component of a poster?

A. Visual

B. Caption

C. Pictorial

D. All of the above

Answer: Caption

A captivating caption is the verbal component of a poster. It doesn’t only state what the poster is about, but also adds a dose of humor or an opposite view to attract the audience’s attention. In some cases, it may be even more important than the image itself. If you are creating a poster for your next event or campaign, consider writing an effective caption that will immediately catch the reader’s interest.

Write in first person if you want to make your poster appear more personal and engaging. Include words such as “I” and “we” if you are citing your experiences, feelings or thoughts on a certain subject.

Use humor in your captions to make them more entertaining. Use jokes and puns that best suit your audience and topic. Humor can be used to convey messages in an entertaining manner, but should be used carefully so as not to offend others.

Keep things simple by using short sentences or phrases for your captions. Short phrases and sentences are easier to read and remember than long ones because they get straight to the point and aren’t too wordy. Write in simple language that everyone will understand and use short words instead of big ones in order to avoid confusion or being misinterpreted by readers.