Which of the following is a problem presented by ethics audits?

Which of the following is a problem presented by ethics audits?

A. They may be used to reallocate resources

B. They identify practices that need improvement

C. Selecting auditors may be difficult

D. They may pinpoint problems with stakeholder relationships

Answer: Selecting auditors may be difficult

Undertaking an ethics audit is a good way for companies to start the process of becoming more ethical. After all, how can you know what needs to be done unless you first find out about the ethical situation in your company?

The basic idea behind an ethics audit is that it is like a financial audit. But instead of looking at your company’s financial records to see if everything is in order, an ethics audit looks at other aspects of your company’s operations to see if everything is in compliance with company policy and state and federal laws.

There are many ways you can conduct an ethics audit. Here are some ideas:

Conduct confidential interviews with employees. If a worker thinks his or her job might be on the line, it’s unlikely he or she will tell you what’s really going on. So, you need to make sure people know that any information they provide during these interviews will be kept confidential, even if it reveals wrongdoing. Hold the interviews in a private place where employees feel comfortable talking freely.

Have employees complete questionnaires. Sometimes workers don’t want to talk face-to-face with someone from management because they fear retaliation from co-workers or managers if their comments are leaked back to them.