Admit Card – Purpose and Types

An admit card is a document issued by the educational board of your university that is required when you attend a scheduled examination. It even has your allotted seat number on it and yes, it must be produced before you are allowed to enter the hall in which the exams will be held in. If a student fails to produce his or her admit card or if he or she produces an invalid one, an attempt will be made to verify their identity through their signature. If they fail to do so as well, they may not be able to complete their exams and can be penalized accordingly.

What is an Admit Card?

The Admit Card is a piece of paper given to the candidate by the university for the entrance examination. It contains all the necessary information about the candidate like name, photograph, signature and other details. The photograph and signature on the admit card will be verified at the time of examination. The candidate must bring his or her original photo identity proof to the examination center.

Understanding the purpose of an admit card

The admit card is one of the most important things that you will get before appearing for your examination. It is a necessity, and if you lose it, then you lose the chance to appear for examination. The admit card is a proof of identity and a proof of your enrollment. The admit card is your ticket to get admission inside the examination center. If you don’t have your admit card, then you won’t be allowed to write your examination. Your admit card is your proof of identity and a proof of your admission to the exam. The admit card is issued to you by the authority of the exam conducting body.

The admit card is a document that is issued by authorised officials of the concerned organisation for each candidate before the exam for the purpose of identification. It is basically issued by the institute or organisation conducting the examination and is basically used for identity purposes. The admit card is a certificate for the candidate, which displays the information about the candidate. It is issued by the concerned institute or organisation to all the candidates who have applied for the examination.

Types of admit cards

There are two types of admit cards: the hall ticket and the admit card. The hall ticket is a document proving the name, age and identity of the person whose photograph is appearing on it. It is essentially a list of the documents that a candidate needs to bring to the examination center. The candidates have to bring the hall ticket and identity proof along with the admit card at the examination center. An admit card is the document which contains the details of the candidate regarding the day of the examination, the time of the examination and its venue. The admit card is issued in the name of the candidate by the authority conducting the examination

What to include on an admit card?

The admit card is a document that is sent to the candidates appearing in the exam. It is the only document that carries the information about the test. So, it is very important that the admit card should be in proper order. The admit card of a government exam or a professional exam should have the following details:

  1. Exam name and number
  2. Date of exam
  3. Time of exam
  4. Venue of exam
  5. Photo of the candidate
  6. Name of the candidate
  7. Candidate’s father’s name
  8. Roll number
  9. Signature of the candidate


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