[Solved] Properties of Stones MCQs and Answers

1. Why are stones with lighter shades of colour preferred?

a) Easy to clean

b) Easily available

c) Don’t spoil the appearance

d) Darker shades are heavier

Answer: c

2. Hardness is an important parameter considered in the construction of:

a) Slabs

b) Walls

c) Bridges

d) Arches

Answer: c

3. What is the required specific gravity for a good building stone?

a) Greater than 2.7

b) Less than 3

c) Greater than 3

d) Less than 2.7

Answer: a

Explanation: As per IS standards. Heavy stones are used in the construction of abutments, dams, docks. Lighter ones are used in building construction.

4. The percentage absorption by weight of a good stone, after how many hours should not exceed .6?

a) 6 hrs

b) 12 hrs

c) 48 hrs

d) 24 hrs

Answer: d

5. What texture should a building stone possess?

a) Loose grains

b) Crystalline structure

c) Cavities

d) Cracks

Answer: b

6. Seasoning is required for stones.

a) True

b) False

Answer: a

7. Toughness index of a good stone should be more than:

a) 17

b) 18

c) 13

d) 19

Answer: d

8. For a good building stone how much is the required crushing strength?

a) Less than 50 N/mm2

b) Greater than 100 N/mm2

c) 155 N/mm2

d) 10 N/mm2

Answer: b

9. Which of the following is a good fire-resistant stone?

a) Clay

b) Granite

c) Quartz

d) Limestone

Answer: a

10. What is a freestone?

a) Stone free from impurities

b) Stone that doesn’t require dressing

c) Metamorphic stone

d) Stone free from veins and planes of cleavage

Answer: d