[Solved] Risk analysis of a project is done in – MCQ

Risk analysis of a project is done in

A. System Analysis phase

B. Feasibility Study

C. Implementation phase

D. Maintenance phase

Answer: Feasibility Study

Feasibility analysis comes in the form of a feasibility study, an in-depth examination of a business’s chances for success. It provides a roadmap to determine the viability of an idea or project.

A feasibility study allows a project manager to determine whether or not it should move forward with their proposed business solution. If a project is feasible, the next step would be to develop and implement a business plan.

Some key components of feasibility analysis are:

  • Cost-benefit analysis – This determines if the benefits outweigh the costs.
  • Market research – This evaluates how viable your product or service is in your target market.
  • Technical evaluation – This examines if you have the resources and skills to produce your product or service.
  • Financial analysis – This assesses whether you have enough capital to complete your project.