[Solved] Which of the following is not a named phase in the system development life cycle

Which of the following is not a named phase in the system development life cycle

A. Assessment

B. Maintenance

C. Development

D. Testing

Answer: Assessment

In the waterfall model, the assessment phase is not a named phase. Instead, assessment activities occur throughout the development life cycle — at the beginning to assess business needs and feasibility of a project, during development to assess progress and success, and at the end to ensure the system meets requirements.

Business assessment: During this step, analysts interview stakeholders and assess business processes to gather information about what needs to be done. They also identify problems with current processes and determine if a new solution is cost-effective.

Feasibility assessment: Analysts evaluate whether or not it’s possible for developers to build a solution that will meet business needs. They consider economic viability as well as technical feasibility (whether or not developers can create something that works).

Requirements gathering: Analysts gather requirements from stakeholders and develop specifications for how a system should work. They document user requirements and workflow diagrams as well as software requirements such as menus, reports, security features, etc.

Data analysis: Analysts analyze data from existing systems to determine what information should be migrated into a new system. They also model data relationships (how data elements relate to each other) and determine how data will be stored in databases for future reporting needs.