TOP 100+ The Living World MCQ for NEET PDF Download [2022]

The Living World MCQ for NEET PDF are most important for your upcoming NEET, AIIMS, and Board Examinations! Many students fear asking questions in their class. This is wrong; you should have the freedom to ask any type of question related to your syllabus. The next step is to practice these questions by attempting them at least once during a time when you aren’t rushed for time. This will help you feel more comfortable with the question formats, and will make you realize whether you are fully comprehending the information being tested or just skimming over bits! These questions can be useful for both the medical entrance exams mentioned in the title (NEET and AIIMS) as well as other competitive examinations.

The Living World MCQ for NEET PDF

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Which among the following best describes the word “Growth” in living organisms?


Reproduction in Planaria takes place through ________


Sexual reproduction results in a variation of the progeny from the parents. What do you think are the appropriate reasons?


Metabolism means ________


The action that the environment does on an organism is called ________


When the reactions that occur in the body are made to happen in laboratory conditions they are said to be ________


A reaction that takes place in laboratory rather than in a living body is called _______


Among the following statements pick the statement that best describes a living thing.


Which organism among the following reproduce?


The sum total of all the chemical reactions occurring in our body known as ______


Living and non-living organisms can be differentiated unexceptionally on the basis of _________


Pick the man-made non-living thing.


A student wanted to keep a pet rat. He kept it inside a closed cage and found that the rat died the next day. Select the reason behind the death of the rat.


Sun is essential for plants as it provides _____


Budding is observed in _____


What is the expansion of ICBN?


Which among the following is involved in the naming of the animals scientifically?


What do you think is the need of nomenclature?


A binomial nomenclature consists of _______ and_________


Binomial nomenclature is given by ___________


Azadirachta indica var. minor Valeton belongs to the genus ________


The scientific name of lion is _________


Which among the following statements are correct?


The word “Taxa” means ________

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Which of the following taxa are in their increasing order of their similarities?

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The Living World MCQ for NEET PDF

The questions given in this post will help you to gain an idea about the NEET, AIIMS MCQ Exam. With the help of these questions, you can very easily prepare for NEET.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an entrance examination conducted annually in India. It is conducted for admission to various medical colleges in India. There are around 10 lakh candidates appearing every year.

The most important thing to do is to practice your way through multiple questions. Either you’ll be able to remember the entire question in detail or at least the main keywords that are important for the current question. You should try and get accustomed to every possible situation as it might come up in NEET/AIIMS. After getting used to reading NCERT books, start looking at answers to standard textbook questions and go through them in a detailed manner.

If you find any questions which are difficult to solve, then make sure you go back again after some days and try solving that question again. The last step would be to take NCERT books, standard textbook questions available on the internet and note down all the questions that seem difficult or ambiguous while solving them. After studying all of them, I would suggest solving as many as questions you can on a daily basis because there would be a certain degree of difficulty quotient in doing this.