Bhagwant Mann took over as chief minister of Punjab

Aam aadmi party’s Bhagwant Mann took over as chief minister of Punjab after taking the oath from Bhagat Singh’s ancestral village, Khatkar Kalan in Nawanshahr district.


Khatkar Kalan is a village just outside Banga town in Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar district (recently named Nawanshahr earlier the part of Jalandhar district) in the Indian state of Punjab.

This place is famous for the memorial of Bhagat Singh, an Indian freedom fighter, who was born in Banga, a present-day village in Pakistan in 1907, and after whom the district is also named.

Khurd and Kalan Persian language words which mean small and Big respectively when two villages have the same name then it is distinguished as Kalan means Big and Khurd means Small with Village Name.

Neighboring villages that share a boundary with Katkar Kalan are Thandian, Dosanjh Khurd, Manguwal, Karnana, Naura, Kahma, Bhootan, Bhukhari and the Town of Banga.