Geological Time Scale Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers

These geological time scale multiple choice questions(MCQs) and answers are the most important part of your geography subject for upcoming examinations. The page has a list of Questions with Answers that you should revise every day to score well in this subject.

Geological Time Scale Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. The Geologic Time Scale is a record of what?

2. How old do Paleontologists believe the Earth is?

3. Paleozoic, Mesozoic & Cenozoic are all

4. Which is the most recent era of time- the one that we are currently in?

5. Describe how geologists separate time periods

6. Name the 4 time frames in order from oldest to youngest.

7. Which division on the geologic time scale is the shortest?

8. The time span that lasted the longest was the

9. The Era with the largest extinction we know of is the

10. The Era when humans first appeared was

11. "age of reptiles" is

12. "age of mammals" is

13. "ancient life" is

14. The single land mass that existed about 245 million years ago is named what?

15. Trilobites were alive during the

16. The most recent era in our history according to the geological time scale is

17. What were the dominant animals of the Mesozoic Era?

18. What are the dominant animals of the Cenozoic Era?

19. During which era did the earliest dinosaurs appear?

20. What type of animal lived only during the Mesozoic Era?