[50+] Living and Non Living MCQs and Answers (Multiple Choice Questions)

These Living and Non Living Multiple Choice Questions and Answers are most important for your upcoming examinations of Biology. There are many different types of Living and Non-Living MCQs that can be asked in an exam or quiz. These GK questions on Living and Non Living serve a variety of purposes, depending on the specific exam and instructor, and whether you are taking a test or quiz for a class, training course, or another reason. One of the most common multiple-choice question types involves identifying something about a real-world subject or situation.

Living and Non Living Multiple Choice Questions

1. The action that the environment does on an organism is called ________

2. When the reactions that occur in the body are made to happen in laboratory conditions they are said to be ________

3. A reaction that takes place in a laboratory rather than in a living body is called _______

4. Among the following statements pick the statement that best describes a living thing.

5. Which among the following best describes the word “Growth” in living organisms?

6. Reproduction in Planaria takes place through ________

7. Sexual reproduction results in variation of the progeny from the parents. What do you think are the appropriate reasons?

8. Metabolism means ________

9. Which organism among the following reproduce?

10. The sum total of all the chemical reactions occurring in our body is known as ______

11. Living and non-living organisms can be differentiated unexceptionally on the basis of _________

12. Pick the man-made non-living thing.

13. A student wanted to keep a pet rat. He kept it inside a closed cage and found that the rat died the next day. Select the reason behind the death of the rat.

14. Statement A: Natural things can be living or non-living.
Statement B: Living things can be natural.

15. Sun is essential for plants as it provides _____

16. Budding is observed in _____