Protest against the Centre’s Par Tapi Narmada river linking project

The tribals in Gujarat are going to hold a public meeting in Kaprada in Valsad district to protest against the Centre’s Par Tapi Narmada river linking project.


The Par Tapi Narmada link project was envisioned under the 1980 National Perspective Plan under the former Union Ministry of Irrigation and the Central Water Commission (CWC).

The project proposes to transfer river water from the surplus regions of the Western Ghats to the deficit regions of Saurashtra and Kutch.

The excess water in the interlinked Par, Tapi, and Narmada rivers which flow into the sea in the monsoon would be diverted to Saurashtra and Kutch for irrigation.

It proposes to link three rivers — Par, originating from Nashik in Maharashtra and flowing through Valsad, Tapi from Saputara that flows through Maharashtra and Surat in Gujarat, and Narmada originating in Madhya Pradesh and flowing through Maharashtra and Bharuch and Narmada districts in Gujarat.

The link mainly includes the construction of

  • seven dams (Jheri, Mohankavchali, Paikhed, Chasmandva, Chikkar, Dabdar and Kelwan),
  • three diversion weirs (Paikhed, Chasmandva, and Chikkar dams),
  • two tunnels (5.0 kilometers and 0.5 kilometers length),
  • the 395-kilometre long canal (205 kilometre in Par-Tapi portion including the length of feeder canals and 190 km in Tapi-Narmada portion), and
  • six powerhouses.

Of these, the Jheri dam falls in Nashik, while the remaining dams are in the Valsad and Dang districts of South Gujarat.