[TOP] Pteridophytes MCQs and Answers (Multiple Choice Questions)

These Pteridophytes MCQs and Answers are most important for your upcoming biology examinations. These pteridophytes GK Quiz and Answers will help you to review the basics of an organism and its characteristics and will enable you to know stomata, embryophytes, xylem, phloem, dicotyledonous plant, and monocotyledonous plant.

Pteridophytes MCQs and Answers

1. Which of the following statement is incorrect about Pteridophytes?

2. Leaf like structure in Pteridophytes that bear spores are called as ___________

3. Which is the dominant phase in the life cycle of a pteridophyte?

4. Which among the following is incorrect?

5. Which among the following is odd?

6. Equisetum belongs to ___________

7. Which of the following are first evolved plants with vascular tissues?