[50+] Solar Eclipse MCQs and Answers (Multiple Choice Questions)

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Solar Eclipse MCQs and Answers

1. Solar eclipses always occur at the phase of _____.

2. How often will the same solar eclipse occur at the same place on earth?

3. Diamond Ring effect occur during ______.

4. The word Annular originated from the Latin word 'Annulus' which means______.

5. Total solar eclipses occur due to a unique feature common to both the sun and the moon. Choose the correct feature from the below-mentioned options.

6. What is the longest duration of the Total Solar Eclipse?

7. Identical pattern of solar eclipses repeat every 18 years 11 days 8 hours. The cycle is known as

8. What is the minimum number of solar eclipses that can occur during a calendar year?

9. Choose the correct alignment during a solar eclipse from the options provided below:

10. How many types of solar eclipses occur?


Solar Eclipse MCQs and Answers: What is Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and Earth, and blocks all or part of the sun for up to about three hours from beginning to end, from a few locations on Earth. The first contact begins with the partial phase of a solar eclipse.

In this instance, the moon covers a small portion of the sun that is only visible to observers in certain parts of the world. The next event is called totality when the moon fully covers the sun’s disk and casts its shadow on Earth. Only those in a narrow path along Earth’s surface will be able to see totality before it ends in sunset or sunrise.

Solar Eclipse MCQs and Answers: FAQs

  1. Are solar eclipses dangerous?
  2. Are solar eclipses rare?
  3. Are solar eclipses common?
  4. Are solar eclipses bad?
  5. Are solar eclipses safe to look at?
  6. Are solar eclipses bright?
  7. Are solar eclipses predictable?
  8. Are solar eclipses random?
  9. Can solar eclipse happen at night?
  10. Can solar eclipse be seen in India?
  11. Can solar eclipse blind you?
  12. Can solar eclipse affect pregnancy?
  13. Can solar eclipse damage the camera?
  14. Can solar eclipses happen on other planets?
  15. Can solar eclipse cause headaches?
  16. How does solar eclipse affect zodiac signs?
  17. How solar eclipse is harmful to pregnant ladies?
  18. Which solar eclipse is dangerous?
  19. Which solar eclipse leads to darkening of the sky?
  20. When solar eclipse come?