Zomato’s food deliveries in 10 minutes is facing a backlash

The famous Food delivery platform Zomato’s recent announcement of carrying out food deliveries in 10 minutes is facing a backlash, with delivery worker unions, lawmakers, restaurants, and the police raising red flags.

Stakeholders from across the board have raised concerns that the short delivery timeline may put added pressure on already overworked delivery persons, potentially prompting them to engage in rash driving and traffic violations.

Concerns about the riders’ working conditions

Zomato aims to fulfill quick 10-minute deliveries out of a “finishing stations’ network” located in close proximity to high-demand customer neighborhoods, starting with four such stations in Gurgaon under a pilot project. The company’s claims that it will not put any pressure on delivery workers to deliver faster has not been enough to assuage concerns around the working conditions of gig workers.

In a strong response against Zomato’s move, the Telangana Gig and Platform Workers Union said that Zomato should look at its delivery workers “as human beings”, and not as “data points” for an algorithm to manage. The union represents more than 30,000 workers engaged in gig work with companies like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, and Ola.