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Federalism MCQs and Answers are most important for your upcoming political science competitive examinations. These questions are from the Federalism Syllabus. These Federalism MCQs will be very helpful for your upcoming academic examinations and also for competitive exams such as UPSC, SSC, RRB, CTET, NTA UGC NET, CTET, and other civil service examinations. You can easily score high in your political science examinations by preparing through MCQs. You can prepare these MCQ questions for Federalism with their answers within a few minutes of time. Here we have posted some MCQs questions on Federalism with their correct answers to practice.

Federalism MCQs and Answers

1. Which system would be considered most distinct from unitarism?

2. Which of the following is a unitary state?

3. Which among the following are examples of ‘Coming together federations’?

4. The Union List includes subjects such as

5. The system of Panchayati Raj involves

6. Which one of the following States in India has its own Constitution

7. Which of the following countries is an example of “coming together federation”?

8. Consider the following statements on the practice of federalism in India. Identify those which hold true for decentralisation after 1992.
A. Local governments did not have any power or resources of their own.
B. It became constitutionally mandatory to hold regular elections to local government bodies.
C. The state governments are required to share some powers and revenue with local government bodies.
D. No seats are reserved in the elected bodies for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes.

9. In a ‘Holding together federation’:
A. A large country divides its power between constituent states and the national government.
B. The Central government tends to be more powerful vis-a-vis the States.
C. All the constituent states usually have equal powers.
D. Constituent states have unequal powers.
Which of the above statements are correct?

10. Which of the following countries have the Unitary model of government?
1. Britain
2. Spain
3. Japan
4. China
5. the United States
Select the correct answer using the codes below

11. Which of the following countries have the Federal model of government?
1. US
2. Australia
3. Switzerland
4. Canada
5. Argentina
Select the correct answer using codes below

12. Consider the following statements
Features of Federal Government
1. Supremacy of the Constitution
2. Rigid Constitution
3. Independent judiciary
4. No division of powers between the national and regional government
Select the incorrect answer using codes below


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