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Indian Constitution MCQs and Answers are most important for your upcoming political science competitive examinations. These questions are from the Indian Constitution Syllabus. These Indian Constitution MCQs will be very helpful for your upcoming academic examinations and also for competitive exams such as UPSC, SSC, RRB, CTET, NTA UGC NET, CTET, and other civil service examinations. You can easily score high in your political science examinations by preparing through MCQs. You can prepare these MCQ questions for the Indian Constitution with their answers within a few minutes of time. Here we have posted some MCQs questions on the Indian Constitution with their correct answers to practice.

Indian Constitution MCQs and Answers

1. Under what article of the Constitution of India can the President take over the administration of a state in case, its Constitutional machinery breaks down?

2. The President can make laws through ordinances

3. The Governor of a State is appointed by the President on the advice of the

4. The President gives his resignation to the

5. For what period does the Vice President of India hold office?

6. Who among the following holds office during the pleasure of the President?

7. Which of the following is not true regarding the payment of the emoluments of the President?

8. The total number of members nominated by the President to the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha is

9. Which one of the following does not constitute the electoral college for electing the President of India?

10. The council of Ministers in a Parliamentary type of Government can remain in office till it enjoys the support of the

11. Which of the following appointments is not made by the President of India?

12. Who appoints the Prime Minister of India?

13. The first woman Governor of a state in free India was

14. The minimum age required to contest for Presidentship is

15. The charge of impeachment against the President of India for his removal can be preferred by

16. The Chief Minister of a Union Territory where such a setup exists, is appointed by the

17. In case a President dies while in office, the Vice President can act as President for a maximum period of

18. The Union Council of Ministers consists of

19. Who administers the oath of office to the President of India before he enters the office?

20. Who among the following enjoys the rank of a Cabinet Minister of the Indian Union?

21. A person who is not a member of Parliament can be appointed as a Minister by the President for a maximum period of

22. When can a President use his discretion in appointing the Prime Minister?

23. If in a country there happens to be the office of monarchy as well as a Parliamentary form of government this monarch will be called

24. One feature distinguishing the Rajya Sabha from the Vidhan Parishad is

25. Chief Ministers of all the states are ex-officio members of the

26. Who, among the following, has the final right to sanction the expenditure of public money in India?

27. Which of the following is not an essential qualification for appointment as a Governor?

28. The President nominates 12 members of the Rajya Sabha according to

29. Which Article of the Constitution empowers the President to appoint a Commission to investigate the condition of backward classes in general and suggest ameliorative measures?

30. Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of India?


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