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National Investigation Agency MCQs and Answers are most important for your upcoming political science competitive examinations. Here we have collected some most important questions and their answers from National Investigation Agency. It is very important for every Indian Citizen to know about the NIA because in the upcoming years it will be our country’s security agency. After so many terrorist attacks in India, the government of India decided to make a separate agency for terrorism investigation and crime against humanity. So here we are presenting you NIA MCQs with Answers.

National Investigation Agency MCQs and Answers

1. National Investigation Agency (NIA) is the Intelligence Agency of which country?

2. Which of the following are suggestions made by NIA for putting a leash on radicalisation and recruitment of Indian youth by the Islamic State?
1) Invoke ‘lighter’ sections of the law against them
2) Community policing
3) Strengthening Beat Constabulary

3. Which of the following statements is/are correct about National Investigation Agency?
1. The purpose of NIA is to combat corruption.
2. It requires special permission from state authority to investigate in state's jurisdiction.

4. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) came into being on

5. Who appoints DG of NIA?

6. Where is the headquarter of NIA?

7. NIA comes under which ministry?


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