TOP 500+ Assam Police SI GK Questions and Answers for 2022

Assam Police SI GK Questions and Answers are the most important part of your upcoming competitive Assam Police SI Examination 2022. Many candidates struggle with questions from the subjects of General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs (CA) when appearing for competitive exams like the SI exams. The Assam Police SI GK Questions ask about irrelevant, pointless facts that no one ever had any use for. Also, since this knowledge will be completely forgotten after the exam is over, preparing for these sections require something more than just memorization and cramming. This article aims to assist aspirants in cracking Assam Police SI examinations by providing information regarding historical events that might come up in the examination.

Assam Police SI GK Questions and Answers

1. Which city is also known as “The Cultural Capital of Assam”

(A) Jorhat

(B) Guwahati

(C) Sivsagar

(D) Nagaon

Answer: (A) Jorhat

2. The first non-government college of Assam is

(A) Biswanath College of Agriculture, Biswanath Chariali

(B) Bholanath College, Dhubri

(C) Bajali College, Barpeta

(D) J.B. College, Jorhat

Answer: (D) J.B. College, Jorhat

3. Which of the following Wildlife Sanctuaries is located in Udalguri district

(A) Chakrashila

(B) Bornadi

(C) Amchang

(D) Bura Chapori

Answer: (B) Bornadi

4. Which district ranks first in regards to density of population as per 2011 Census

(A) Nagaon

(B) Marigaon

(C) Dhubri

(D) Kamrup Metro

Answer: (D) Kamrup Metro

5. Hayungthal Copper Plate was issued by

(A) Bhaskar Varman

(B) Susthita Varman

(C) Harjjar Varman

(D) Banamala Varman

Answer: (C) Harjjar Varman

6. Which of the followings is not a recipient of the Padma Shri Award in 2018

(A) Prafulla Govinda Baruah

(B) Arup Kumar Dutta

(C) Joyshree Goswami Mahanta

(D) Dhrubajyoti Bora

Answer: (D) Dhrubajyoti Bora

7. Who among the following was the first recipient of the Assam Valley Literary Award

(A) Bhabendra Nath Saikia

(B) Nabakanta Barua

(C) Jogesh Das

(D) Mahim Bora

Answer: (A) Bhabendra Nath Saikia

8. Who is the author of the Novel “Astarag”

(A) Homen Borgohain

(B) Nirupama Borgohain

(C) Rita Chowdhury

(D) Syed Abdul Malik

Answer: (A) Homen Borgohain

9. The “Buranji” written by Ratna Kandali and Arjun Das Bairagee was

(A) Axom Buranji

(B) Kachari Buranji

(C) Tripura Buranji

(D) Kamrup Buranji

Answer: (C) Tripura Buranji

10. When Majuli is formally declared as a district in Assam

(A) September, 2016

(B) Novemebr, 2016

(C) January, 2017

(D) March, 2017

Answer: (A) September, 2016

11. Which forest is single-handedly planted by Jadav Payeng

(A) Barnadi forest

(B) Molai forest

(C) Barail forest

(D) Dihing forest

Answer: (B) Molai forest

12. In which year, Kaziranga was designated a “Reserve Forest” for the first time

(A) 1902

(B) 1906

(C) 1908

(D) 1912

Answer: (C) 1908

13. Which one district is declared as the first carbon free district in Assam (also in India)

(A) Dhemaji

(B) Majuli

(C) NC Hills

(D) Karbi Anglong

Answer: (B) Majuli

14. In which year, Kaziranga has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

(A) 1982

(B) 1985

(C) 1987

(D) 1992

Answer: (B) 1985

15. Which place is known as the heart of the Assamese neo-Vaishnavite culture

(A) Jorhat

(B) Majuli

(C) Barpeta

(D) Sivsagar

Answer: (B) Majuli

16. According to the 2017 elephant census, total number of elephants in Assam is

(A) 4581

(B) 4823

(C) 5276

(D) 5719

Answer: (D) 5719

17. Which one was the capital of the Kachari kingdom

(A) Golaghat

(B) Rangpur

(C) Mushalpur

(D) Dimapur

Answer: (D) Dimapur

18. In which year, Malladev (Nara Narayan) acquired the title Narayan

(A) 1508

(B) 1521

(C) 1540

(D) 1548

Answer: (C) 1540

19. The Bodoland Territorial Council was established in the year

(A) 1998

(B) 2001

(C) 2002

(D) 2003

Answer: (D) 2003

20. Which one district is not under the BTAD council

(A) Kokrajhar

(B) Baksa

(C) Goalpara

(D) Udalguri

Answer: (C) Goalpara

21. By population, Assam is the _______ largest state of India

(A) 12th

(B) 13th

(C) 15th

(D) 18th

Answer: (C) 15th

22. Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which district

(A) Sivasagar

(B) Golaghat

(C) Dibrugarh

(D) Karbi Anglong

Answer: (D) Karbi Anglong

23. Which region of Assam is mentioned in the Allahabad Pillar Inscription

(A) Samata

(B) Davaka

(C) Nepala

(D) Kartripura

Answer: (B) Davaka

24. Which one was the capital of the Mlechchha dynasty

(A) Hadapeshvar

(B) Durjaya

(C) Jorhat

(D) Pragjyotishpura

Answer: (A) Hadapeshvar

25. Under whose Governor-Generalship was the Treaty of Yandaboo singed

(A) Lord Cornwallis

(B) Lord Wellesley

(C) Lord Amherst

(D) Lord Hastings

Answer: (C) Lord Amherst

26. Which officials appointed by the Ahom king Pratap Singha, were the negotiator of “Posa” with the Hill Tribes

(A) Katakis

(B) Medhis

(C) Talukdars

(D) Hazarikas

Answer: (A) Katakis

27. Who became the first Assamese leader to have elected to the Congress Working Committee in 1926-27

(A) Gopinath Bardoloi

(B) Tarunram Phukan

(C) Bishnuram Medhi

(D) Bimala Prasad Chaliha

Answer: (B) Tarunram Phukan

28. The 10th annual special session of the Asam Sahitya Sabha 2019 held in

(A) Hojai

(B) Diphu

(C) Raha

(D) Hajo

Answer: (C) Raha

29. The Police Training College was first established in the year 1948 at

(A) Salonibari

(B) Naharkatia

(C) Nazira

(D) Gauripur

Answer: (A) Salonibari

30. The Rain Forest Research Institute in Assam is located in

(A) Diphu

(B) Dhubri

(C) Dibrugarh

(D) Jorhat

Answer: (D) Jorhat

31. Who was the first British Commissioner of Assam

(A) Francis Jenkins

(B) David Scott

(C) Henry Hopkinson

(D) Thomas Campbell Robertson

Answer: (B) David Scott

32. Who was the first Indian Governor of Assam

(A) Sri Prakasa

(B) Jairamdas Daulatram

(C) Fazal Ali

(D) Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari

Answer: (D) Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari

33. Who was the founder of the Chutiya Kingdom

(A) Birpal

(B) Ratnadhwajpal

(C) Mayuradhwajpal

(D) Satyanarayan

Answer: (A) Birpal

34. Who wins the 2017 Bhupen Hazarika Awards

(A) Hiren Gohain

(B) Homen Borgohain

(C) Lou Majaw

(D) Yeshe Dorjee Thongshi

Answer: (D) Yeshe Dorjee Thongshi

35. Which one was the first capital of the Chutiya Kingdom

(A) Sadiya

(B) Vishwanath

(C) Ratnapur

(D) Swarnagiri

Answer: (D) Swarnagiri

36. In which year the Kachari Kingdom was annexed by British

(A) 1826

(B) 1828

(C) 1832

(D) 1834

Answer: (C) 1832

37. In which year Assam Association was formed

(A) 1898

(B) 1902

(C) 1903

(D) 1905

Answer: (C) 1903

38. Who was the first President of Assam Association

(A) Ambikagiri Raichoudhury

(B) Jagannath Baruah

(C) Manik Chandra Baruah

(D) Raja Prabhat Chandra Baruah

Answer: (D) Raja Prabhat Chandra Baruah

39. The first Railway line in Assam was established in the year

(A) 1879

(B) 1880

(C) 1881

(D) 1882

Answer: (C) 1881

40. The Digboi Refinery was set up at Digboi by Assam Oil Company Ltd in the year

(A) 1895

(B) 1899

(C) 1901

(D) 1903

Answer: (C) 1901

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