[Solved] Internal audit is done ____ MCQ

Internal audit is done ____

a) Before the external audit

b) After the external audit

c) Parallel to external audit

d) Vertical to external audit

Answer: c) Internal audit is done parallel to external audit. Internal auditors have complete freedom to check whether the company’s financial statements are presented in a fair and correct manner. They also check whether the company has followed all the legal procedures and regulations. In addition, internal auditors examine various controls, processes, and systems which are put in place to ensure proper governance of the company.

Internal audit is also known as
Internal auditor has to submit report to
The objective of internal control is to
Internal audit is undertaken
The objective of internal audit is
Objective of internal audit includes
An internal audit department
Internal auditor of a company must be
Internal audit means
Internal auditor is appointed by
Internal audit is

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