[Solved] Internal audit is undertaken ____ MCQ

Internal audit is undertaken ____

a) By independent auditor

b) Statutorily appointed auditor

c) By a person appointed by the management

d) By a government auditor

Answer: c) An internal audit is undertaken By a person appointed by the management. He is called an internal auditor. He is a full-time employee of the company and he works under the control of the management. An audit conducted by an auditor who is an outside person and who is not directly in the employment of the company is called an external audit. The external auditor is appointed by the shareholders at their annual general meeting and his report along with that of the internal auditor is placed before them in their next annual general meeting. Thus, external auditors are more independent than internal auditors.

Internal audit is also known as
Internal auditor has to submit report to
The objective of internal control is to
Internal audit is done
The objective of internal audit is
Objective of internal audit includes
An internal audit department
Internal auditor of a company must be
Internal audit means
Internal auditor is appointed by
Internal audit is

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