[Solved] The objective of internal control is to ____ MCQ

The objective of internal control is to ____

a) Efficient conduct of business

b) Safeguarding assets

c) Preventing and detecting fraud and other unlawful acts

d) All of these

Answer: d) The objective of internal control is to ensure that the organization meets its objectives of (1) effectiveness and efficiency of operations, (2) reliability of financial reporting, and (3) compliance with applicable laws and regulations. If a company is unable to achieve these goals, it may be subject to penalties, fines, or other actions.

Internal audit is also known as
Internal auditor has to submit report to
Internal audit is done
Internal audit is undertaken
The objective of internal audit is
Objective of internal audit includes
An internal audit department
Internal auditor of a company must be
Internal audit means
Internal auditor is appointed by
Internal audit is

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