TOP 100+ Units and Dimensions NEET Questions PDF Download for 2022

Units and Dimensions NEET Questions PDF are most important for the upcoming NEET examination. Livemcqs has come up with the concept of Units and Dimensions for the NEET exam to help students understand the concept better and answer questions quickly in the exam.

Units and Dimensions NEET Questions

1. How many decades are there in 1 century?

a) 10

b) 20

c) 4

d) 5

Answer: a

2. How many years are there in one millennium?

a) 1000

b) 100

c) 10

d) 70

Answer: a

3. Which of the following gives the most accurate result for time measurement?

a) Wall clock

b) Digital watch

c) Quartz clock

d) Atomic clock

Answer: d

4. Which of the following is equivalent to one hour?

a) 36000 milliseconds

b) 3600 milliseconds

c) 3600000 milliseconds

d) 360000 milliseconds

Answer: a

5. Distance between two cities, in standard units will be measured in ______

a) Meter

b) Kilometer

c) Mile

d) Centimeter

Answer: a

6. Which of the following devices cannot measure distance?

a) Vernier Calipers

b) Micrometer

c) Ruler

d) Protractor

Answer: d

7. How many inches are there in 1 yard?

a) 12

b) 36

c) 6

d) 18

Answer: b

8. How many kilometers make one mile?

a) 1

b) 2.5

c) 0.5

d) 1.6

Answer: d

9. How many kilometers make one nautical mile?

a) 1

b) 1.536

c) 1.852

d) 1.756

Answer: c

10. Usually, what is the least count of a screw gauge?

a) 0.01 cm

b) 0.001 cm

c) 0.1 cm

d) 1 mm

Answer: b

11. The number of base units for measuring physical quantities according to the SI system are ____

a) 1

b) 10

c) 7

d) 8

Answer: c

12. What is the unit for measuring the intensity of light?

a) Candela

b) Lightyear

c) Meter

d) Mol

Answer: a

13. What is the full form of SI?

a) Standard International

b) System International

c) Scientific International

d) Science International

Answer: b

14. What is the standard unit of measurement of Force?

a) Newton

b) Joule

c) Meter

d) Newton-meter

Answer: a

15. Which of the following is the standard unit of measurement of mass?

a) Gram

b) Kilogram

c) Pound

d) Dozen

Answer: b

16. Which of the following is the correct relation?

a) 1 Kg = 100 g

b) 1 Kg = 1 g

c) 1 g = 0.001 Kg

d) 1 g = 0.01 Kg

Answer: c

17. Mass can be explained as _____

a) Amount of space

b) Amount of time

c) Amount of weight

d) Amount of matter

Answer: d

18. Mass can be measured using _____

a) Beam balance

b) Clock

c) Our hands

d) Water

Answer: a

19. Mass is a _____

a) Scalar quantity

b) Vector quantity

c) Free quantity

d) Dependent quantity

Answer: a

20. Weight represents ___

a) Mass

b) Time

c) Pressure

d) Force

Answer: d

21. Which one of the following units can be used to measure matter?

a) Kilogram

b) Newton

c) Second

d) Mile

Answer: a

22. Which of the following is not a system of units?

a) MKS

b) CGS

c) SI

d) Decibel

Answer: d

23. What does a Voltmeter measure?

a) Voltage

b) Current

c) Length

d) Speed

Answer: a

24. What is the unit of measurement of solid angles?

a) Steradians

b) Degrees

c) Radians

d) Grades

Answer: a

25. Which of the following systems matches with the SI unit system?

a) FPS

b) MKS

c) CGS

d) American system

Answer: b

26. Which of the following is a unit of temperature?

a) Degree

b) Meter

c) Second

d) Fahrenheit

Answer: d

27. In an experiment, it is found that the experimental value is very close to actual value, hence the experimental value can be called _____

a) Accurate

b) Precise

c) Suitable

d) Mean

Answer: a

28. What is the reason for the occurrence of systematic errors in an instrument?

a) No use for a long time

b) High use

c) Manufacturing fault

d) Delivery fault

Answer: b

29. How are systematic errors removed usually for an instrument?

a) By replacing it

b) By re-calibrating it

c) By using a repairing service

d) By not using it for some time

Answer: b

30. In 5 experiments with the same objective, the values obtained are very near to each other. These values can be called ____

a) Precise

b) Accurate

c) Average

d) Invalid

Answer: a

Units and Dimensions NEET Questions PDF Download

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