TOP 1000+ Cell Biology NEET Questions PDF

These Cell Biology NEET Questions PDF is most important for your upcoming competitive examinations including NEET, AIIMS are other board exams of Class-8, Class-9, Class-10, Class-11, and Class-12.

Cell Biology NEET Questions PDF

1. Which of the following is untrue?

a) Protein folding occurs in Golgi bodies

b) Protein folding is assisted by a protein molecule called Chaperone

c) Transmembrane or organelle proteins contain a signal peptide

d) Proteins are present in cytoplasm and cell organelles of all cells

Answer: a

2. RNA does not have the nitrogen base of _______

a) Uracil

b) Cytosine

c) Thymine

d) Adenine

Answer: c

3. Which of the following is functionally the odd one out?

a) siRNA

b) miRNA

c) shRNA

d) snRNA

Answer: d

4. Which of the following RNA is artificially made?

a) snRNA

b) scRNA

c) miRNA

d) siRNA

Answer: b

5. In RNA transcription, which of the following is a part of TBP-associated factor (TAF)?





Answer: a

6. Those part of the DNA or gene that contribute to the mRNA product is called _________

a) Introns

b) Intervening sequences

c) Exons

d) Split genes

Answer: c

7. Which of the following disaccharides have beta (1->4) bond?

a) Maltose and Sucrose

b) Maltose and Isomaltose

c) Lactose and Cellobiose

d) Sucrose and Cellobiose

Answer: c

8. An example of polar but uncharged amino acid is ___________

a) Lysine

b) Aspartate

c) Serine

d) Arginine

Answer: c

9. Example of a polar amino acid is ____________

a) Glutamine

b) Alanine

c) Methionine

d) Valine

Answer: a

10. Reactions that lose heat are termed as _____________

a) endothermic

b) exothermic

c) chemical

d) physical

Answer: b

11. According to laws of thermodynamics, the energy of the Universe is _________ whereas the entropy ______________

a) constant, increases

b) constant, decreases

c) increases, remains constant

d) decreases, remains constant

Answer: a

12. Hydrolysis of ATP is which type of reaction?

a) Physical

b) Mechanical

c) Endergonic

d) Exergonic

Answer: d

13. Which of the following are responsible virtually for every reaction that takes place inside a cell?

a) Carbohydrates

b) ADP

c) Nucleic acids

d) Enzymes

Answer: a

14. Protein catalysts are called __________ and RNA catalysts are called _____________

a) enzymes, ribozymes

b) ribozymes, enzymes

c) enzymes, ribosomes

d) ribosomes, enzymes

Answer: a

15. The non-protein constituents of conjugated proteins are called ___________

a) enzymes

b) cofactors

c) amino acids

d) nucleosides

Answer: b

16. Enzymes have no effect on which of the following, in a chemical reaction?

a) activation energy

b) speed

c) thermodynamics

d) completion time

Answer: c

17. What will happen if heat is applied to an enzyme mediated reaction?

a) Rate will increase

b) pH will increase

c) pH will decrease

d) Denaturation of enzyme

Answer: a

18. Chymotrypsin is a ___________

a) starch

b) polymer

c) buffer

d) enzyme

Answer: d

19. Induced fit in an enzyme refers to ____________________

a) error

b) loop

c) conformational change

d) torsional change

Answer: c

20. Feedback inhibition is cell’s mechanism to _____________ the process of anabolism.

a) activate

b) inhibit

c) increase

d) decrease

Answer: b

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