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These Cell The Unit Of Life MCQ For NEET are most important for your upcoming competitive examinations including NEET, AIIMS are other board exams of Class-8, Class-9, Class-10, Class-11, and Class-12.

Cell The Unit Of Life MCQ For NEET

1. Fructose is a _____________

a) aldose sugar

b) ketose sugar

c) monosaccharide

d) polymer

Answer: b

2. The compounds which have same chemical reactivity but structures which are mirror images of each other are known as ____________

a) isoforms

b) allotropes

c) enantiomers

d) isomers

Answer: c

3. Which of the following conventions is used to denote the presence of carbonyl group in left/right in the chemical structure of a carbohydrate?

a) Positive/ negative

b) -1/ +1

c) L/ R

d) L/ D

Answer: d

4. Which types of bonds are found in sugars?

a) amide

b) acidic

c) glycosidic

d) non-covalent

Answer: c

5. Sucrose and lactose are _____________

a) monosaccharides

b) disaccharides

c) pentoses

d) polyssaccharides

Answer: b

6. Enzyme lactase is found in ______________

a) nucleus

b) ribosome

c) plasma membrane

d) golgi complex

Answer: c

7. Which type of carbohydrates lead to the formation of glycolipids and glycoproteins?

a) Oligosaccharides

b) Monosaccharides

c) Glycogen

d) Glucose

Answer: a

8. Which of the following polysaccharide is not entirely composed of glucose subunits?

a) Lactose

b) Starch

c) Glycogen

d) Cellulose

Answer: a

9. Lipids cannot dissolve in _____________

a) organic solvents

b) chloroform

c) benzene

d) water

Answer: d

10. Which types of bonds are found in fats?

a) amide

b) glycosidic

c) ester

d) acidic

Answer: c

11. How many carboxyl groups are present in fatty acids?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Answer: a

12. Which type of bonds present in vegetable fats account for their liquid state?

a) Single bonds

b) Double bonds

c) Amide bonds

d) Glycosidic bonds

Answer: b

13. Margarine is formed using unsaturated vegetable fats by _________________

a) oxidation

b) catalysis

c) hydrogenation

d) leaching

Answer: c

14. In most animals, fats are stored in special cells called _____________

a) telomeres

b) granulocytes

c) lymphoid cells

d) adipocytes

Answer: d

15. Which of the following steroids is a precursor of hormones such as testosterone, progesterone and estrogen?

a) Collagen

b) Glycogen

c) Cholesterol

d) Glycerol

Answer: c

16. What is the major difference between a fat (triacylglycerol) and a phospholipid (diacylglycerol)?

a) Glycerol conformation

b) Hydrogen bonding

c) Fatty acid chain

d) Solubility

Answer: c

17. In an amino acid, the carboxyl group and amino group are separated from each other by a single ____________ atom.

a) nitrogen

b) sulphur

c) hydrogen

d) carbon

Answer: d

18. Amino acids used in the synthesis of proteins on a ribosome are ________________

a) D-amino acids

b) Mutated amino acids

c) L-amino acids

d) Fluorescing amino acids

Answer: c

19. What protein makes up spider silk?

a) Keratin

b) Fibrin

c) Collagen

d) Elastin

Answer: c

20. Which bonds are present in two neighboring amino acids?

a) Glycosidic bonds

b) Polypeptide bonds

c) Amide bonds

d) Hydrogen bonds

Answer: b

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