TOP 500+ DBMS GATE MCQ Questions and Answers

Are you preparing for your DBMS GATE Preparation? Isn’t it difficult to find DBMS GATE MCQ Questions and Answers that suit your syllabus? This article is all you need to help you with DBMS GATE questions and become successful at DBMS GATE preparation.

DBMS GATE MCQ Questions and Answers

1. In the section relation which of the following is used as a foreign key?

a) Course_id

b) Course_id,sec_id

c) Room_number

d) Course_id,sec_id,room_number

Answer: a

2. In order to include an attribute Name to the teaches relation which of the following command is used?

a) Alter table teaches include Name;

b) Alter table teaches add Name;

c) Alter table teaches add Name varchar;

d) Alter table teaches add Name varchar(20);

Answer: d

3. To replace the relation section with some other relation the initial step to be carried out is

a) Delete section;

b) Drop section;

c) Delete from section;

d) Replace section new_table ;

Answer: b

4. Which of the following command is used to display the departments of the instructor relation?

a) Select * from instructor where Dept_name = Finance;

b) Select * from instructor ;

c) Select dept_name from instructor;

d) Select dept_name for instructor where Name=Jackson;

Answer: c

5. How can we select the elements which have common Dept_name in both the relation ?

a) Select * from instructor i , course c where i.Dept_name=c.Dept_name;

b) Select Dept name from instructor ,Course ;

c) Select * from instructor i , course c ;

d) Select Dept_name from instructor where Dept_name = NULL;

Answer: a

6. If a person all the people in Music department gets fired which of the following has to be performed on the instructor relation?

a) Delete Dept_name=Music in instructor;

b) Delete from instructor where Dept_name=Music;

c) Remove Dept_name= Music

d) All of the mentioned

Answer: b

7. Which function is used to find the count of distinct departments?

a) Dist

b) Distinct

c) Count

d) Count,Dist

Answer: a

8. Which function is used to identify the title with Least scope?

a) Min(Credits)

b) Max(Credits)

c) Min(title)

d) Min(Salary)

Answer: a

9. A domain is ______ if elements of the domain are considered to be indivisible units.

a) Atomic

b) Subatomic

c) Substructure

d) Subset

Answer: a

10. Identify the composite attributes

a) Salary

b) Credits

c) Section_id

d) None of the mentioned

Answer: d

11. Which one is based on multi-valued dependency:

a) First

b) Second

c) Third

d) Fourth

Answer: d

12. If a relation is in BCNF, then it is also in

a) 1 NF

b) 2 NF

c) 3 NF

d) All of the mentioned

Answer: d

13. If every non-key attribute is functionally dependent primary key, then the relation will be in

a) First normal form

b) Second normal form

c) Third form

d) Fourth normal form

Answer: b

14. If an attribute of a composite key is dependent on an attribute of the other composite key, a normalization called _____ is needed.



c) Fourth

d) Third

Answer: b

15. The term for information that describes what type of data is available in a database is:

a) Data dictionary

b) data repository

c) Index data

d) Metadata

Answer: d

16. A data type that creates unique numbers for key columns in Microsoft Access is:

a) Autonumber

b) Boolean

c) Sequential key

d) Sequential number

Answer: a

17. A dependency exist between two columns when

a) Together they constitute a composite key for the table

b) Knowing the value in one column determines the value stored in another column

c) The table is in 3NF

d) Together they constitute a foreign key

Answer: a

18. In the __________ normal form, a composite attribute is converted to individual attributes.

a) First

b) Second

c) Third

d) Fourth

Answer: a

19. A table on the many side of a one to many or many to many relationship must:

a) Be in Second Normal Form (2NF)

b) Be in Third Normal Form (3NF)

c) Have a single attribute key

d) Have a composite key

Answer: d

20. Tables in second normal form (2NF):

a) Eliminate all hidden dependencies

b) Eliminate the possibility of a insertion anomalies

c) Have a composite key

d) Have all non key fields depend on the whole primary key

Answer: a

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