TOP 1000+ DBMS MCQ Questions And Answers (Database Management System)

DBMS MCQ Questions And Answers are given here. Based on the questions asked in previous year’s different government and private exams such as CAT, MAT, XAT, NMAT, IIFT, and SNAP. Following MCQs on the database management system for bank exam preparation along with detailed answers will help you to crack most of the questions asked in major exams.

DBMS MCQ Questions And Answers

1. A transaction completes its execution is said to be

a) Committed

b) Aborted

c) Rolled back

d) Failed

Answer: a

2. Which of the following is used to get back all the transactions back after rollback?

a) Commit

b) Rollback

c) Flashback

d) Redo

Answer: c

3. ______ will undo all statements up to commit?

a) Transaction

b) Flashback

c) Rollback

d) Abort

Answer: c

4. To include integrity constraint in an existing relation use

a) Create table

b) Modify table

c) Alter table

d) Drop table

Answer: c

5. Which of the following is not an integrity constraint?

a) Not null

b) Positive

c) Unique

d) Check ‘predicate’

Answer: b

6. Foreign key is the one in which the ________ of one relation is referenced in another relation.

a) Foreign key

b) Primary key

c) References

d) Check constraint

Answer: b

7. Domain constraints, functional dependency and referential integrity are special forms of _________

a) Foreign key

b) Primary key

c) Assertion

d) Referential constraint

Answer: c

8. Which of the following is the right syntax for the assertion?

a) Create assertion ‘assertion-name’ check ‘predicate’;

b) Create assertion check ‘predicate’ ‘assertion-name’;

c) Create assertions ‘predicates’;

d) All of the mentioned

Answer: a

9. Data integrity constraints are used to:

a) Control who is allowed access to the data

b) Ensure that duplicate records are not entered into the table

c) Improve the quality of data entered for a specific property (i.e., table column)

d) Prevent users from changing the values stored in the table

Answer: c

10. Which of the following can be addressed by enforcing a referential integrity constraint?

a) All phone numbers must include the area code

b) Certain fields are required (such as the email address, or phone number) before the record is accepted

c) Information on the customer must be known before anything can be sold to that customer

d) When entering an order quantity, the user must input a number and not some text (i.e., 12 rather than ‘a dozen’)

Answer: c

11. Dates must be specified in the format

a) mm/dd/yy

b) yyyy/mm/dd

c) dd/mm/yy

d) yy/dd/mm

Answer: b

12. A ________ on an attribute of a relation is a data structure that allows the database system to find those tuples in the relation that have a specified value for that attribute efficiently, without scanning through all the tuples of the relation.

a) Index

b) Reference

c) Assertion

d) Timestamp

Answer: a

13. Which of the following is used to store movie and image files?

a) Clob

b) Blob

c) Binary

d) Image

Answer: b

14. The user defined data type can be created using

a) Create datatype

b) Create data

c) Create definetype

d) Create type

Answer: d

15. Values of one type can be converted to another domain using which of the following?

a) Cast

b) Drop type

c) Alter type

d) Convert

Answer: a

16. Which of the following closely resembles Create view?

a) Create table . . .like

b) Create table . . . as

c) With data

d) Create view as

Answer: b

17. In contemporary databases, the top level of the hierarchy consists of ______ each of which can contain _____

a) Catalogs, schemas

b) Schemas, catalogs

c) Environment, schemas

d) Schemas, Environment

Answer: a

18. Which of the following statements creates a new table temp instructor that has the same schema as an instructor.

a) create table temp_instructor;

b) Create table temp_instructor like instructor;

c) Create Table as temp_instructor;

d) Create table like temp_instructor;

Answer: b

19. The database administrator who authorizes all the new users, modifies the database and takes grants privilege is

a) Super user

b) Administrator

c) Operator of operating system

d) All of the mentioned

Answer: d

20. Which of the following is used to provide privilege to only a particular attribute?

a) Grant select on employee to Amit

b) Grant update(budget) on department to Raj

c) Grant update(budget, salary, Rate) on department to Raj

d) Grant delete to Amit

Answer: b

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