TOP 500+ GATE Questions For DBMS with Answers (Database Management System)

Are you preparing for your DBMS GATE Preparation? Isn’t it difficult to find GATE Questions For DBMS with Answers that suit your syllabus? This article is all you need to help you with DBMS GATE questions and become successful at DBMS GATE preparation.

GATE Questions For DBMS with Answers

1. In E-R diagram generalization is represented by

a) Ellipse

b) Dashed ellipse

c) Rectangle

d) Triangle

Answer: d

2. What is a relationship called when it is maintained between two entities?

a) Unary

b) Binary

c) Ternary

d) Quaternary

Answer: b

3. Which of the following is a low level operator?

a) Insert

b) Update

c) Delete

d) Directory

Answer: d

4. Key to represent relationship between tables is called

a) Primary key

b) Secondary Key

c) Foreign Key

d) None of the mentioned

Answer: c

5. A window into a portion of a database is

a) Schema

b) View

c) Query

d) Data dictionary

Answer: b

6. A primary key is combined with a foreign key creates

a) Parent-Child relation ship between the tables that connect them

b) Many to many relationship between the tables that connect them

c) Network model between the tables that connect them

d) None of the mentioned

Answer: a

7. The entity set person is classified as student and employee. This process is called _________

a) Generalization

b) Specialization

c) Inheritance

d) Constraint generalization

Answer: b

8. Which relationship is used to represent a specialization entity?

a) ISA

b) AIS



Answer: a

9. The refinement from an initial entity set into successive levels of entity subgroupings represents a ________ design process in which distinctions are made explicit.

a) Hierarchy

b) Bottom-up

c) Top-down

d) Radical

Answer: c

10. If an entity set is a lower-level entity set in more than one ISA relationship, then the entity set has

a) Hierarchy

b) Multilevel inheritance

c) Single inheritance

d) Multiple inheritance

Answer: d

11. A _____________ constraint requires that an entity belong to no more than one lower-level entity set.

a) Disjointness

b) Uniqueness

c) Special

d) Relational

Answer: a

12. The completeness constraint may be one of the following: Total generalization or specialization, Partial generalization or specialization. Which is the default?

a) Total

b) Partial

c) Should be specified

d) Cannot be determined

Answer: b

13. Functional dependencies are a generalization of

a) Key dependencies

b) Relation dependencies

c) Database dependencies

d) None of the mentioned

Answer: a

14. Which of the following is another name for a weak entity?

a) Child

b) Owner

c) Dominant

d) All of the mentioned

Answer: a

15. Which is the main relation which is used in the university database which is referenced by all other relation of the university?

a) Teaches

b) Course

c) Department

d) Section

Answer: c

16. The department relation has the an entry budget whose type has to be replaced by

a) Varchar (20)

b) Varchar2 (20)

c) Numeric (12,2)

d) Numeric

Answer: c

17. In the course relation, the title field should throw an error in case of any missing title. The command to be added in title is

a) Unique

b) Not null

c) 0

d) Null

Answer: b

18. In the above DDL command the foreign key entries are got by using the keyword

a) References

b) Key reference

c) Relating

d) None of the mentioned

Answer: a

19. Identify the error in the section relation

a) No error

b) Year numeric (4,0)

c) Building varchar (15)

d) Sec_id varchar (8)

Answer: a

20. Which of the following can be used as a primary key entry of the instructor relation.



c) ID

d) All of the mentioned

Answer: c

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