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Food And Drink Quiz Questions and Answers: Here you will find all the answers to your most burning questions on food and drink, so if you’re studying for a test and need an impromptu quiz, look no further. These food and drink quiz questions and answers are essential, meaning they’re not only helpful, but they cover everything you need to know!

Food And Drink Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority was established by the Government of India in:

2. Which of the following is a fat-soluble vitamin?

3. As per the FSS Act, the sale of certain mixtures is prohibited. Which of the following is included in this?

4. The category of cholesterol which is also referred to as 'good cholesterol' is:

5. EIC is a certification body of India which ensures:

6. The primary function of the Spices Board includes:

7. What is the full form of AGMARK?

8. The All India Cyclothon called 'Swasth Bharat Yatra', a key element of the 'Eat Right India Movement', was flagged off on:

9. A fruit pulp is defined as:

10. What is the full form of FosTaC?

11. The full form of IUU fishing is:

12. Vanaspati with added vitamin A can:

13. The Food Authority comprises 22 members of which women shall make up to:

14. The first city in India to be accorded the CSFH tag by FSSAI in 2008 is:

15. FMCG Stands for?

16. ‘AGMARK’ is related to

17. Name of the book, which covers nutritious eating habits at an early age:

18. Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd promotes:

19. To promote safe and healthy food, FSSAI has launched a training toolkit for health under the scheme:

20. A substance needed by the body for growth, energy, repair and maintenance is called a _______________.


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