TOP 100+ Alcohol Quiz Questions and Answers with FREE PDF (Trivia)

Alcohol Quiz Questions and Answers (Trivia): Are you looking for some funny alcohol-related questions and answers? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This Q & A includes a wide range of very funny questions about various kinds of alcohol. You can take this alcohol quiz online right here or at the bottom of the page. Go on prove to everyone just how much you know!

Alcohol Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Which country is home to the Pisco Sour cocktail?

Answer: Peru

2. Which spirit is added to Irish coffee?

Answer: Whisky

3. If Budweiser is a lager, what term describes Guinness?

Answer: A stout (accept “a porter” as definitions vary)

4. In which country would you find the Hawke’s Bay wine region?

Answer: New Zealand

5. From which drink did rapper Cardi B take her stage name?

Answer: Bacardi

6. France has champagne and Italy has prosecco but what is the traditional Spanish sparkling wine called?

Answer: Cava

7. What name could refer to a type of sherry glass in the UK, a 425ml beer glass in most Australian states or a 285ml beer glass in South Australia?

Answer: A schooner

8. Which popular spirit is distilled from the Agave cactus?

Answer: Tequila

9. And which berry is used to make gin?

Answer: Juniper

10. What name is given to rough, dry and often strong cider brewed particularly in the West Country of England?

Answer: Scrumpy

11. Scotch and Irish are most famously variants of which spirit?

Answer: Whisky / Whiskey

12. Which rum-based Caribbean spirit shares its name with a Californian beach?

Answer: Malibu

13. Which fortified wine is the town of Jerez in Spain famous for?

Answer: Sherry

14. What are the two main ingredients of a Snakebite?

Answer: Cider and Lager

15. Which toolbox item gives its name to a cocktail of vodka and orange juice?

Answer: Screwdriver

16. What makes a White Russian white?

Answer: Milk

17. Which grape is the most produced wine in Argentina?

Answer: Malbec

18. In which country would you find the wine regions of Stellenbosch and Swartland?

Answer: South Africa

19. Which country is home to the rice wine, and sake?

Answer: Japan

20. What flavour are the liqueurs Cointreau and Grand Marnier?

Answer: Orange

21. Which drink is often described as having a body, legs, and nose and could also be flabby or fleshy?

Answer: Wine

22. Complete this quote attributed to Winston Churchill when Lady Astor chided him for being drunk: “Well you, Madam, are ugly. In the morning…“

Answer: …I shall be sober

23. What sort of vessel did England cricketer Andrew Flintoff infamously fall off after a drinking spree in the Caribbean in 2007?

Answer: A pedalo

24. Typically involving tasks such as balancing on one leg and walking nine steps heel to toe in a straight line, FST stands for Field… what?

Answer: Sobriety Test

25. Which communal living animals often get so drunk from fermented nectar that they have mid-air collisions or cannot find their way home?

Answer: Bees

26. Complete this quotation attributed to W.C. Fields: “I cook with wine. Sometimes I even…“

Answer: …put it in the food

27. Which British football club director and celebrity cook may have had a few sharpeners when she came out at halftime during her side’s defeat to Manchester City and implored the crowd “Where are you? Let’s be having you? We need a twelfth man out here”?

Answer: Delia Smith

28. Which American author and drinker said “Always do sober what you said you would do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.“

Answer: Ernest Hemingway

29. Which major winning golfer, once arrested outside Hooters, has a cocktail of iced tea, vodka, and lemonade named after him?

Answer: John Daly

30. How does this Frank Sinatra quotation end: “I feel bad for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning…“?

Answer: …that’s the best they’re going to feel all day.

31. Which city suffered The Great Beer Flood of 1814?

Answer: London

32. Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. Water and which other non-alcoholic drinks are the only more widely-consumed beverages?

Answer: Tea

33. Cascade, Amarillo, Fuggle, and Goldings are varieties of what?

Answer: Hops

34. In which month does most of Oktoberfest typically take place?

Answer: September

35. Which country consumes the most beer in the world?

Answer: China

36. And which central European country consumes the most beer per capita?

Answer: Czech Republic

37. What does IPA stand for?

Answer: India Pale Ale

38. What name is given to the game where competitors attempt to bounce a table tennis ball into their opponents’ cups?

Answer: Beer Pong

39. To the nearest thousand, how many years B.C. was beer first brewed in China?

Answer: 7000 BC

40. In addition to being brewers, what is the occupation of the producers of Trappist beers such as Chimay?

Answer: Monks