TOP 100+ Food And Drink Quiz Questions with Answers (Trivia)

Food And Drink Quiz Questions with Answers (Trivia): Do you want fun, challenging and interesting food and drink quiz questions with answers? Well, you’ve just bumped into the right webpage for fast and genius food and drink quiz questions with answers. We already published Drinks Quiz Questions and Answers and Alcohol Quiz Questions and Answers.

Food And Drink Quiz Questions with Answers

1) How many seeds does the average strawberry have?

Answer: 200

2) Which is the odd one out?  Loganberries, bilberries, silberries and boysenberries?

Answer: Silberries. I made it up. The others are real.

3) Which six fruits typically make up “summer fruit?”

Answer: Blackberries, black currants, red currants, raspberries and strawberries.

4) Which country produces the most ice cream?

Answer: China. It produces an estimated 4.3 billion litres each year.

5) Which is the most popular flavour of ice cream in the US?

Answer: Chocolate

6) Which is the most popular salad dressing in the US?

Answer: Ranch dressing

7) What does al fresco actually mean in Italian?

Answer: In the cold. Or in prison

8) How many BBQs take place in the UK each year? (Give or take 😉 )

Answer: 130 million

9) Which vegetable is traditionally eaten for Christmas dinner in the UK?

Answer: Brussel sprouts

10) What is eggnog?

Answer: Whipped eggs, cream, sugar, milk (and booze.)

11) Which fruit grows in winter in the streets of Seville?

Answer: Oranges

12) Which juice is popular in the Arctic circle?

Answer: Lingonberry juice

13) What drink will you be served hot in Japan in the winter?

Answer: Sake

14) How do you make a traditional hot toddy?

Answer: Whisky, lemon juice, honey, hot water and a stick of cinnamon

15) How many bottles of tomato ketchup do Heinz produce each day?

Answer: 1.8 million

16) How many types of pasta can you find in Italy?

Answer: There are an estimated 350 different types of pasta in Italy. 

17) How many burgers do McDonalds sell a second?

Answer: 75

18) How many types of potato are there in the world?

Answer: Around 4000

19) How many servings of CocaCola are drunk every day?

Answer: 1.9 billion in over 200 countries

20) Which country produces around half the olive oil in the world?

Answer: Spain, in particular Andalusia

21) Which country drinks the most coffee in the world?

Answer: Finland

22) How about alcohol? Which country drinks the most alcohol in the world?

Answer: Belarus with an estimated 14.4 litres per year

23) Decapitated salted herring that you eat in one go is a delicacy where?

Answer: The Netherlands, particularly at the coast.

24) How old is the oldest chocolateria in Madrid? When did it open?

Answer: San Gines opened in 1894. It specialises in churros y chocolate.

25) Kalamata, Liguria and Tsunati are all types of…?

Answer: Olive

26) What is La Gilda in the Basque country?

Answer: A pintxos (a kind of tapas) made from olives, gherkins and anchovies on a cocktail stick. Its fiery, salty nature earned it the Gilda nickname for the racy Rita Heyworth movie created during the censorship of Franco’s regime.

27) What nickname do percebes have in Galicia?

Answer: Dinosaur’s claw – they’re other worldly looking barnacles and a very popular seafood dish.

28) How many wineries are there in the Rioja region?

Answer: Around 500.

29) Which part of Italy does limoncello come from?

Answer: The Amalfi Coast in the south.

30) What is chawanmushi?

Answer: A traditional Japanese breakfast made from egg custard, salt, soy, fish and mushrooms.

31) How about laverbread? What is it made from?

Answer: It’s a traditional Welsh food made from boiled seaweed.

32) Do people really eat guinea pigs in Peru?

Answer: Yes, it’s a delicacy. The guinea pigs are often served whole with claws intact.

33) What do you traditionally eat at Wimbledon?

Answer: Strawberries and cream

34) Key, kaffir and finger are all types of which food?

Answer: lime

35) What is spanakopita?

Answer: A greek spinach and feta fine pastry pie.

36) How far in advance should you make a Christmas pudding?

Answer: Six weeks

37) What do Spaniards traditionally eat at midnight on New Year’s Eve?

Answer: Grapes. One for each chime of midnight

38) What snacks get served at ice festivals in Japan?

Answer: Hot octopus

39) What do the Three Kings throw onto the streets in Spain for the Reyes Magos?

Answer: Sweets or caramelos

40) How do you pronounce roisbos tea?

Answer: Roy- bosh

41) What does Boerewors mean and where would you find it?

Answer: It’s a farmer’s sausage, grilled on BBQs in a giant snail like spiral across southern Africa.

42) What ingredients would you find in kaya jam?

Answer: Eggs, coconut and pandan leaves. It’s commonly served for breakfast in Singapore.

43) You can have breakfast with cloudberry jam in Helsinki. True or false?

Answer: True. It’s a popular jam there, along with lingonberries.

44) What’s a traditional breakfast in the Maldives?

Answer: Mas huni, finely chopped onion, tuna and chilli with lightly grated coconut.

45) What is Manuk Tinapah in Borneo?

Answer: Barbecued chicken. It’s a fantastic Borneo recipe you can easily make at home.

46) Darwin, Australia, holds a yearly regatta where boats are made from which drink container?

Answer: Beer cans. The beer can regatta takes place every year.

47) What kind of drink is a Nanyan spring tieguanyin?

Answer: A floral tea you can find in Hong Kong.

48) The herbal drink black balsam comes from where?

Answer: Riga in Latvia.

49) What does black gold refer to in Styrian Austria?

Answer: Pumpkin oil.

50) What is pericana alcoyana?

Answer: A spicy blend of choricero peppers, dried salted cod and garlic from Valencia

51) What time of day would you typically eat kesari bath?

Answer: In the morning for breakfast. It’s one of the traditional foods you’d find in Mysore in south India.

52) French villages often have baguette rotas. True or false?

Answer: True. Just like pharmacies have dedicated rotas to cover weekends and bank holidays, so do many bakeries in France.

53) What colours do you typically buy mojo in?

Answer: Green and red. They’re a condiment made from peppers and garlic and popular in the Canary Islands.

54) What does leaving two chopsticks standing out of a bowl of rice signify?

Answer: Death. It’s a common practice at funerals in Japan and considered very bad manners to do at any other time.

55) What is greissnockerlsuppe?

Answer: Soup with semolina dumplings. You’ll find it across Austria.

56) What drink comes with a worm?

Answer: Trick question. The popular answer is tequila but it’s not a worm. It’s the larva of beetle Scyphophorus acupunctatus, or larva of the moth Comadia redtenbacheri from the Cossidae family of moths. Lovely.

57) Where was the hot sauce Tabasco invented and still produced today?

Answer: Avery Island, Louisiana, USA.

58) Where was Guinness invented?

Answer: Dublin, Ireland.

59) Where was mayonnaise invented?

Answer: Mahon in Menorca.

60) Where (and how) was the Tarte Tatin invented?

Answer: Paris. A chef to the king accidentally tipped the apple tart upside down and “invented” a new dish.

61) How did the croissant end up in France?

Answer: Marie Antoinette wanted half moon Viennese pastries when she moved to France. They themselves were inspired by the Ottomons and the Islamic Empire.

62) Where was Portugal’s famous pastel de nata invented?

Answer: Belem, on the outskirts of Lisbon.

63) How about marmite? Where was that invented?

Answer: Marmite was invented in the UK by a German scientist, Justus von Liebig in 1902.

64) In which city was currywurst invented?

Answer: Berlin at the end of WWII. The Germans brought the sausage, the Americans the ketchup and the Brits, via India, the curry powder.

65) The Indian sweet delicacy mysore pak was invented where?

Answer: In Mysore itself in southern India. It’s one of the best examples of Mysore food.

66) Where does the Nuremberg sausage come from?

Answer: Nuremberg!

67) What do you call the process that uses both dry heat and wet heat?

Answer: Braising

68) If you cover meat with cornflour, egg white, sesame oil and salt before cooking it, what’s the technique called?

Answer: Velveting

69) If you hear banging and thumping on a Sunday morning in Vienna, according to tradition, what’s going on?

Answer: People are thumping their meat to prepare their Weiner Schnitzel

70) If you rock your hips while rolling out dough, you’re following the tradition to make which food?

Answer: Pasta. This was a top tip at the Casa Artusi Italian cooking school. The idea is to transfer your body weight to ease the tiredness in your arms.

71) If you find yourself staring through glass and looking for legs, what are you doing?

Answer: Wine tasting. You’re looking for the patterns that wine makes on the inside of the glass to get an idea of its sugar and alcohol content.

72) If you find a sixpence in your food, what are you eating?

Answer: Christmas pudding in Britain. Traditionally, a sixpence is added to the recipe and brings good luck to whoever finds it in their portion.

73) What would you traditionally eat on St David’s Day?

Answer: Cawl and Welsh cakes. Cawl is a kind of lamb stew and both are traditional Welsh food. St David is the patron saint of Wales and the day is March 1st.

74) If you cook potatoes in salt until they are wrinkly, what have you made?

Answer: Patatas arrugadas or papas arrugadas.

75) In (hopefully outdated) Bajan tradition, what can a man do if he finds lumps in his cou cou?

Answer: Throw his wife out of the house

76) Which Malaysian recipe was invented by pirates hiding from the shore?

Answer: Daeng Masak Timbul

77) Charles de Gaulle famously said “How can you govern a country with xx types of cheese?”

Answer: 246

78) How many types of rice are there?

Answer: 40000

79) How about bara brith?

Answer: It’s a mix between a loaf of bread and a fruit cake and is a traditional food found in Wales. The tranlsation is “speckled bread.”

80) Where can you find purple potato ice cream?

Answer: In Okinawa, in southern Japan. People here have the longest life expectancy on earth and credit their good fortune to the Okinawa diet.

81) What is jota?

Answer: A pork, bean and cabbage soup found in Slovenia and around.

82) What would you find at a Buschenschank?

Answer: Traditional Austrian produce like cold meats, salads and bread.

83) Which country invented gazpacho?

Answer: Spain

84) If you were standing in Cafe du Monde, which city would you be in?

Answer: New Orleans

85) Which pastry product boils the dough first?

Answer: Bagels

86) Which drink does Oktoberfest celebrate?

Answer: Beer

87) Which food product does the Tomatina festival involve?

Answer: Rancid tomatoes, pelted at participants.

88) In which country would you find a Tim Tam Slam.

Answer: Australia. It involves dunking a Tim Tam biscuit into a tea or coffee and sucking the contents out.

89) Where does ugali come from?

Answer: Ugali is a maize product found in several parts of Africa, particularly along the east.

90) If you were tucking into a Melton Mowbray, which country would you be in?

Answer: It’s a pork pie and you would be in England.

91) What’s the main ingredient of an asado in Argentina?

Answer: Meat, it’s a kind of barbecue and national pastime.

92) Where can you find the original Singapore Sling?

Answer: Singapore. It’s not a trick question. But for extra points, it’s the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel.

93) What spice do you find in Arabic coffee?

Answer: Cardamom. The Bedouin serve it with its own rituals.

94) What will you find in a Tinto de Verano?

Answer: Red wine and Sprite or Fanta. It’s popular in southern Spain.

95) What makes up a painkiller cocktail?

Answer: Orange juice, nutmeg and rum. It’s popular in the British Virgin Islands.

96) What special technique do you need to pour Asturian cider?

Answer: To pour the cider from a great height. You also need to drink the cider quickly before the bubbles disappear.

97) What is a ginlet?

Answer: A thimbleful of gin used to start the day on the island of Menorca. Read more about Menorcan gin here.

98) What extra ingredient did bootleggers add to the coffee in New Orleans?

Answer: Chicory. This was used to boost supplies when the coffee ran low.

99) What drink is known by the nickname the “green fairy?”

Answer: Absinthe. It’s particularly linked to Bohemian Paris.

100) What is the main difference between cava, prosecco and champagne?

Answer: The region in which they are produced.

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