TOP 100+ National Technology Day Quiz and Answers

National Technology Day Quiz and Answers: Technology has the power to solve so many problems in the world today. Yet, it can also lead to high levels of stress, the immense strain on our health, and excessive carbon emissions. That’s why we’re celebrating National Technology Day by raising awareness of the good – and potential bad – consequences of technology in our lives. On the occasion of National Technology Day, we have given here some of the MCQs with their answers for the aspirants who are preparing for the National Technology Day.

National Technology Day Quiz and Answers

1. When do we celebrate National Technology Day in India?

2. The Anniversary of the Pokhran Nuclear Tests is the reason behind National Technology Day, the same day is also known as

3. Which state was chosen for the five nuclear tests in India?

4. On this day which of the first indigenous aircraft was launched?

5. Which missile was successfully test fired on National Technology Day?

6. Approximately, how much data exists in the digital universal today?

7. What was the first cross-platform PDF software?

8. Which of the following is an important step towards the paperless concept?

9. Which tech buzzword is closely related to Artificial Intelligence(AI)?


Who declared 11 May is National Technology Day?

National Technology Day was first celebrated in 1999 on 11th May. It was officially declared by the Late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee after the Five nuclear tests that were carried out on May 11, 1998.

What do we celebrate on 11 May?

National Technology Day is celebrated on May 11 every year to commemorate the achievements of scientists, researchers, engineers, and all others involved in the field of science and technology.

When was the first National Technology Day celebrated?

The National Technology Day was first officially celebrated on May 11, 1999, to commemorate the scientific and technological accomplishments. The day pays respect to scientists, researchers, and engineers for their technological contributions to the nation.