World Cocktail Day 2022! TOP 5 Easy Cocktail Recipes

Hey! Guess what? Did you know there’s a World Cocktail Day? Did you know it was coming in 2022? I didn’t. I mean, I might have known if some random person walking down the street told me, but I thought it wasn’t something that was advertised.

World Cocktail Day 2022

World Cocktail Day is observed on May 13 every year, and this year, we intend to celebrate it in high spirits. (pun intended) This day marks the day when the definition of a cocktail was published for the first time ever on May 13, 1806.

World Cocktail Day 2022

The day is earmarked to celebrate delicious and heady cocktails and we thought of no better way of doing it than to make some at home to experience the magic of these concoctions with our near and dear ones.

The day falls on Friday this year (2022), and since we would be on the brink of a relaxing weekend, let’s go on a spirituous bender with these cocktails that can be made in less than 15 minutes.

History of World Cocktail Day

In 1806, The Balance and Columbian Repository coined the term “cocktail” as a stimulating liquor with a wide variety of sweets, waters, and bitters. Originally, the Oxford English Dictionary defined the term with a different set of connotations, describing it as a horse with a tail like a cock’s, with its tail cocked up instead of hung down.

Cocktails as a drink, however, started as a British invention in the 19th century and have since become an American innovation when a Connecticut-born bartender Jerry Thomas wrote the book “The Bartender’s Guide.” The Bartender’s Guide basically broadcasted an encyclopedia of how to mix drinks and recipes on some of the best combinations of drinks and flavors.

During the 1920s American prohibition, many cocktails were mixed into existence that remain firm favorites today. With not much high-quality alcohol available, cocktails were the perfect way to make that smuggled rum, gin, or whiskey just a little bit more drinkable. Enter the cocktail; rum mojitos, the Sidecar, and the Tom Collins all flourished at a time when recreational alcohol wasn’t legal.

The ‘Bee’s Knees’ cocktail was actually created to mask and sweeten the taste of illegally brewed bathtub gin. The roaring twenties took the cocktail and shook it up into some of our most popular modern-day cocktails. Drinking didn’t stop during the prohibition, people simply went underground. Many illegal speakeasies popped up, serving cocktails in jazz-style locales.

Post-prohibition saw the invention of drinks that still grace the pages of your favorite cocktail bar menus. 1954 saw the mixing of the Pina Colada in Puerto Rico when Ramon Marrero created the delicious pineapple treat at the Caribe Hilton hotel. 1988 saw the much-loved Cosmopolitan enter our lives, thanks to Toby Cecchini and his desire to share a drink with his fellow bartenders in San Francisco.

A constant throughout the cocktail era in America was the Rainbow Room. Opened after the prohibition in 1934, the Rainbow Room was a high-end club where New York A-listers could celebrate in style with post-prohibition cocktails. The Rainbow Room was revived and renovated in different forms over the years, being closed during WWII and for various restorations.

The 1987 reopening saw emerging mixologist Dale DeGroff create a pre-prohibition list of cocktails that revived some firm favorites and spearheaded the modern cocktail mixing revolution that made the cocktail bar increasingly popular.

The holiday itself is held annually by Drinkaware, a United Kingdom-based charity that brings awareness to the effects of drinking and aims to reduce the harm that drinking can have on people and families. The website provides facts and information about drinking, alcohol poisoning, and alcohol abuse. The World Cocktail Day page that Drinkaware hosts have events all over the world that you can partake in, a blog you can follow about your favorite recipes, and how you can drink safely while also having fun.

How to Celebrate World Cocktail Day

If you’re up for a night of fun drinking, then host a party at your place and mix up some of your favorite drinks for your friends. If you want to spice things up, check out a new recipe on some of your favorite blogs or newsletters, and make your kitchen or bar into an experiment place for you and your friends.

If you’re feeling confident, you could create your own home bar and serve some of your favorite fizz-fuelled cocktails, or make your own cocktail creations with a fresh twist. Give your bar a theme and add your own unique names to your new mixers. Treat yourself to a cocktail bible and teach yourself how to make the perfect passionfruit martini or rope in your own bartender friend for some mixology advice.

If you are creating your own home bar and are jumping in as a novice bartender, you could start with a classy cosmopolitan or cheeky sex on the beach. Why not take a theme to a whole new level and take your new bar theme to a party level. Whether you’re making a sneaky speakeasy or a chic cocktail bar, making it your own is the perfect way to celebrate World Cocktail Day.

You could even avoid doing the work yourself and enroll in a cocktail class for you and your friends. Learn from the best shakers and master mixologists. Don’t want to leave the house? Why not use an online video or order a beginner’s pack right to your door. Or splash out on an in-house mixing masterclass (calling all bartender friends again).

You might be more of a cocktail connoisseur than a master mixologist. Why not get some of the good stuff mixed for you, so you can sample some delightful cocktails without having to actually make them yourself. Put on a cocktail-themed film, sip your mojito and feel like you’re in the summer sun.

TOP 5 Easy Cocktail Recipes You Can Make At Home

1. Fall Cocktail: 

This electrifying gin-based cocktail can be made in just 5 minutes. Prep ahead by making thyme decoction by soaking fresh thyme sprigs overnight in some water. The next day, throw in all the ingredients in a glass full of ice, and you’re done.

2. Summer Breeze 

This litchi-vodka concoction needs just the addition of lemon juice and some lava salt to smear the rim of the glass. Just like its name, this drink is breezy and perfect for some summer fun.

3. Cosmopolitan  

Make this cocktail for the ladies of the group who are loyal to their favorite cosmo! Add vodka and cranberry juice to a martini glass and throw in a lemon wedge and orange slice. That’s it.

4. Bloody Mary 

And if tangy drinks are your preference, make this famous Bloody Mary with vodka, tomato juice, lime juice, and tobacco sauce. Don’t forget to garnish with chilies and rub the rim of the glass with some salt.

5. Mango Cocktail 

This summer essential drink cannot be missed out on. Vodka infused with pulpy mango, mint, ginger, and lime juice is ideal to knock off the summer blues.