Marketing Management is ____ [MCQ]

Marketing Management is

a. The process of building and maintaining a customer base.

b. The process of developing, implementing, and evaluating marketing plans.

c. The set of activities and processes that are used to promote products or services in order to facilitate sales.

d. All of these

Answer: (d) marketing management is a process of directing and coordinating the marketing activities of the organization. Many organizations have marketing departments that are responsible for developing a marketing plan. Marketing management also involves planning, implementation, and analysis of marketing operations.

The main functions of marketing management include:

Market research – The process of gathering information about consumer needs, attitudes, usage patterns, and buying preferences in order to determine potential demand for products or services

Product development – The process of creating new or improved products to satisfy consumer demand

Marketing communications – The process of identifying target markets and communicating messages about products or services to those markets through various channels, such as direct mail, catalogs, trade shows, public relations, telemarketing, etc.