Research is ____ MCQ

Research is

a. It is the search for truth and scientific facts.

b. It is the systematic study of the past and present.

c. It is the application of scientific laws to human behavior.

d. All of these

Answer: (d) Research is a systematic and explicit effort to gather, analyze, and report information about a particular subject. Research can also involve studying how people do things, such as how they work or use technology, or observing the world around them.

What is the Aim of Research?

The purpose of a research study is to investigate and understand a phenomenon in order to create knowledge that can be used to improve health. Research studies involve systematic observation and measurement, including the subjective (qualitative) aspects of research.

The aim of the research is to generate new knowledge. It is not to prove that an idea or theory is true or false. As such, there are many types of research, each with its own set of objectives and methodologies. The most common types are:

Basic science research seeks to increase understanding of fundamental principles of living systems. This includes biology, biochemistry, genetics, and physiology.

Applied science research seeks to solve practical problems using scientific methods, which may involve taking a problem and trying different solutions until one works (trial-and-error). This type of research focuses on discovering solutions for specific problems or situations such as creating new medicines or drugs or engineering better weapons or equipment for combat situations (e.g., making a stronger bulletproof vest).

Social science research aims to better understand human behavior within social contexts (i.e., relationships between people). Social sciences include anthropology, economics, geography, history, linguistics, political science, and sociology.