UPSC Current Affairs Quiz 7 June 2022

UPSC Current Affairs Quiz 7 June 2022: How much do you know about Current Affairs Quiz 7 June 2022? We want to make a Quiz for our readers which will be based on Current Affairs on 7 June 2022. We are here to help the candidates prepare for all competitive exams. Our team, provides some quiz and quiz series, Current Affairs Quiz, etc. You can have a look at them. We will provide the best quality of quizzes and activities related to any competitive exam.

UPSC Current Affairs Quiz 7 June 2022

1. Which of the following is the Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon?

2. The joint military training exercise called Ex SAMPRITI-X is being held between the navies of

3. Recently which country met its goal of mixing 10% ethanol into gasoline?

4. Which of the following looks to track and address illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing in the Indo-Pacific?

5. According to the Centre for Science and Environment’s State of Environment Report, 2022, ____ out of every 4 river monitoring sites in India had alarming levels of heavy toxic metals.

6. Who won the 14th singles title at the French Open?

7. Agni-4 is a

8. Recently the Vice President of India praises the economic ties between India and which Middle East country?

9. President of India, addressed the special session of both houses of the

10. March 2F, recently seen in news, is a