[Solved] Pricing decisions have ________ importance in any enterprise.

Pricing decisions have ________ importance in any enterprise.

A. tactical

B. policy

C. strategic

D. minimal

Answer: (c) Pricing decisions have strategic importance in any enterprise.

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1. _______ is the act of choosing between manufacturing a product in house or purchasing it from an external supplier.

2. In a make or buy decision, the most important factor(s) to consider is ________.

3. GAAP in financial accounting stands for _______

4. An enterprise may decide to purchase the product rather than producing it if is _________.

5. A ________ is the catalog of items one should sell at their business.

6. Optimizing product mix can ________ the profits.

7. Advantages of break even analysis includes ______.

8. A budget is a ________ financial plan.

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