[Solved] What Happens When Magnesium Is Burnt In Air?

What Happens When Magnesium Is Burnt In Air?

Answer: Magnesium burns easily in the air when it is in its metal form. The magnesium metal, on the other hand, requires a source of energy to begin the reaction (burning). The flame supplies heat to the magnesium metal atoms, allowing them to overcome their activation energy. The lowest energy necessary for a chemical reaction to proceed is known as activation energy.

Magnesium Oxide is formed when magnesium metal burns and reacts with oxygen in the air. A compound is a material made up of atoms from various elements linked together. In a chemical process, oxygen and magnesium combine to generate this molecule. When it burns, the magnesium oxide turns into a white powder. To generate this powdery product, magnesium gives away two electrons to oxygen atoms. This is a reaction that produces heat. An exothermic reaction is one in which there is a net release of energy from a chemical reaction (heat).

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