[Solved] What was the main aim of the French revolutionaries?

What was the main aim of the French revolutionaries?

Answer: The main aim of the French revolutionaries was to depose the monarchy and the “Ancien regime” in France and install a republican government. The French participation in the American Revolution in 1776 was a costly affair that nearly bankrupted the country. Excessive spending by King Louis did not help circumstances.

Destitute harvests, empty royal coffers, and rising food costs had sparked unrest among the poor rural and urban populations. The situation was made worse by the implementation of taxes that did not provide any relief. Rioting, looting, and general strikes became the norm as a result.

Charles Alexandre de Calonne, the controller general, suggested a universal land tax near the end of 1786. The favoured classes, such as the clergy and the nobles, would no longer be immune from this tax change, as they had been for centuries.

The Estates-General were summoned by the King to pass these measures. The Estates-General was a body that represented nobles, clergy, and the middle class in France. In 1614, the Estates-General were summoned for the last time.

The conference was set for May 5th, 1789, at which the three estates’ grievances would be conveyed to the monarch.