Gandhi-Irwin Pact MCQ and Answers

Gandhi-Irwin Pact MCQ and Answers: On February 20, 1931, Mahatma Gandhi and Irwin met in the Yerwada Central Jail in Pune to sign the Gandhi-Irwin Pact. The pact was a result of negotiations that began on February 17. The pact allowed for Gandhi’s release from prison and for the British to lift the ban on the Indian National Congress. The pact also allowed Gandhi to attend the Round Table Conference in London as the sole representative of the Indian National Congress.

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Gandhi-Irwin Pact MCQ and Answers

1. The Second Round Table Conference in London was held in the backdrop of the

(A) Emerson-Gandhi Pact

(B) Hailey-Gandhi Pact

(C) Irwin-Gandhi Pact

(D) Gandhi-Simon Pact

Answer: (C)

2. The main purpose of Gandhi-Irwin Pact was

(A) To make the participation of Congress easier in round table conference

(B) To end the Civil Disobedience Movement

(C) To break the death strike of Gandhiji

(D) To end the tax on salt

Answer: (A)

2. Gandhi-Irwin Pact took place in

(A) 1930

(B) 1931

(C) 1932

(D) 1933

Answer: (B)

4. Among the following whose adjournment was proposed in Gandhi- Irwin Pact?

(A) Non-Co-operation Movement

(B) Khilafat Movement

(C) Round Table Conference

(D) Civil Disobedience Movement

Answer: (D)

5. Gandhi-Irwin Pact was signed in

(A) 1931

(B) 1935

(C) 1942

(D) 1919

Answer: (A)

6. Who of the following persons called Irwin and Gandhi ‘The Two Mahatmas’?

(A) Mira Bahan

(B) Sarojini Naidu

(C) Madan Mohan Malviya

(D) Jawaharlal Nehru

Answer: (B)

7. Who played an important role in the signing of Gandhi-Irwin Pact?

(A) Motilal Nehru

(B) Madan Mohan Malviya

(C) Tej Bahadur Sapru

(D) Chintamani

Answer: (C)

8. Who among the following took Mahatma Gandhi’s gain in the Gandhi-Irwin Pact as ‘Consolation Prizes’?

(A) S.C. Bose

(B) Alan Campbell Johnson

(C) B.G. Horniman

(D) Sarojini Naidu

Answer: (B)

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