Angiography at Silchar Medical College

The first-ever angiography was successfully done at the Department of Cardiology of Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH) on 12 July 2022. The Department now has upgraded facilities that can also take up balloon angioplasty.

What is Angiography?

Angiography or arteriography is a medical imaging technique used to visualize the inside, or lumen, of blood vessels and organs of the body, with a particular interest in the arteries, veins, and heart chambers.

Angiography is used to check the health of your blood vessels and how blood flows through them. It can help to diagnose or investigate several problems affecting blood vessels, including atherosclerosis – narrowing of the arteries, which could mean you’re at risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

Angiography is generally a safe procedure, but minor side effects are common and there’s a small risk of serious complications. You’ll only have the procedure if the benefits outweigh any potential risk. Speak to your doctor about the risks of having angiography.