300+ Ecosystem NEET Questions and Answers

Are you looking for Ecosystem MCQs and Answers for medical entrance examinations? If yes, these are some most important multiple choice questions and answers on NCERT Class-12 Biology, Chapter-14 (Ecosystem).

Here we composed these Ecosystem MCQs and Answers after reading the chapter on Ecosystem from the NCERT book on Class 12 Biology. The questions are topics-wise and the students can relate the questions easily to the most important topics of this chapter.

Ecosystem NEET Questions and Answers

  1. Structure and Function of Ecosystem MCQs and Answers
  2. Productivity of an Ecosystem MCQs and Answers
  3. Decomposition MCQs and Answers
  4. Energy Flow MCQs and Answers
  5. Ecological Pyramids MCQs and Answers
  6. Ecological Succession MCQs and Answers
  7. Hydrarch Succession MCQs and Answers
  8. Xerarch Succession MCQs and Answers
  9. Nutrient Cycling MCQs and Answers
  10. Carbon Cycle MCQs and Answers
  11. Phosphorus Cycle MCQs and Answers
  12. Ecosystem Services MCQs and Answers

Importance of Ecosystem Questions and Answers for NEET

Ecosystems are important for many reasons. They provide habitats for wildlife, help to regulate the climate, and purify the air and water. They also provide us with food, fuel, and other resources.

Ecosystems are complex systems that include both biotic (living) and abiotic (nonliving) components. The interactions between these components are what make an ecosystem function.

Questions and answers about ecosystems are important for students preparing for exams like the NEET. Some of the most important topics to focus on include:

-What is an ecosystem?

-What are the components of an ecosystem?

-How do ecosystems function?

-What are the benefits of ecosystems?

-What are some threats to ecosystems?

Answering these questions will help students to better understand the importance of ecosystems and how they work. It is also important to be aware of the threats to ecosystems so that we can take steps to protect them.

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