Ecosystem Services MCQs and Answers

Are you looking for Ecosystem Services MCQs and Answers for medical entrance examinations? If yes, these are some most important multiple choice questions and answers on NCERT Class-12 Biology, Chapter-14 (Ecosystem).

Here we composed these Ecosystem Services MCQs and Answers after reading the chapter on Ecosystem from the NCERT book on Class 12 Biology. The questions are topics-wise and the students can relate the questions easily to the most important topics of this chapter.

Ecosystem Services MCQs and Answers

1. What is the base for economic, environmental, and aesthetic goods and services?

a) Unhealthy ecosystem

b) Healthy ecosystem

c) Bad ecosystem

d) Convergent ecosystem

Answer: b

2. What are the products of ecosystem processes named?

a) Ecological services

b) Ecological succession

c) Ecological issues

d) Ecological cycle

Answer: a

3. Which of the following ecosystem helps in the pollination of crops?

a) Unfit ecosystem

b) Healthy ecosystem

c) Bad ecosystem

d) Unhealthy ecosystem

Answer: b

4. Who has very recently tried to put price tags on nature’s life-support services?

a) Rudolf Virchow and his colleagues

b) Gregor Mendel and his colleagues

c) Robert Brown and his colleagues

d) Robert Constanza and his colleagues

Answer: d

5. According to the researchers, what is the average price tag of these fundamental ecosystem services?

a) US $ 300 trillion a year

b) US $ 33 trillion a year

c) US $ 5 trillion a year

d) US $ 1000 trillion a year

Answer: c

6. Why are the fundamental ecosystems services largely taken for granted?

a) Because they are expensive

b) Because they are free

c) Because they are exploited

d) Because they are highly-priced

Answer: b

7. Out of the total cost of various ecosystem services, how much is the cost of the soil formation?

a) 2 percent

b) 90 percent

c) 70 percent

d) 50 percent

Answer: d

8. Out of the total cost of various ecosystem services, how much is the cost of recreation and nutrient cycling?

a) 50 %

b) 88 %

c) > 10 %

d) < 20 %

Answer: c

9. Out of the total cost of various ecosystem services, how much is the cost of climate regulation and habitat for wildlife?

a) 20 % each

b) 10 % each

c) 50 % each

d) 6 % each

Answer: d

10. Which of the following are ecological services?

a) O2 fixation, CO2 release, and pollution

b) Nitrogen fixation and pollution

c) CO2 fixation, O2 release, and pollination

d) CO2 fixation, fertilization, and the release of sodium

Answer: c

11. How do green plants fix CO2?

a) Respiration

b) Photosynthesis

c) Fertilization

d) Pollination

Answer: b

12. What is released as a byproduct of photosynthesis?

a) CO2

b) NH4

c) O2

d) H2

Answer: c

13. Which of the following statement is correct about pollination?

a) The wind is not an agent of pollination

b) Insects can’t pollinate

c) Fruit formation occurs after pollination

d) Fertilization occurs before pollination

Answer: b

14. Which of the following shows a one-way passage in an ecosystem?

a) Potassium

b) Carbon

c) Phosphorous

d) Free energy

Answer: d

15. Whose work is to protect the land from floods, remove sediments and other pollutants and recharge groundwater?

a) Wetlands

b) Oceans

c) Rivers

d) Forests

Answer: a

16. Which of the following statement is incorrect?

a) Forest ecosystem helps in gaseous balance

b) Forest ecosystem helps in pollination

c) Forest ecosystem leads to the extinction of all organisms

d) Forest ecosystem prevents drought and floods

Answer: c

FAQs on Ecosystem Services

Q1. What are ecosystem services?

Answer: Ecosystem services are the benefits that people get from ecosystems. These services are often invisible, but they are essential for human well-being. They include things like clean water, fresh air, pollination, and disease control.

Q2. Why are ecosystem services important?

Answer: Ecosystem services are important because they provide people with essential benefits that they need to live healthy, productive lives. They also help to maintain the planet’s life-support systems, which are essential for all life on Earth.

Q3. What are the most important ecosystem services?

Answer: The most important ecosystem services are those that are essential for human survival and well-being. These include things like clean water, fresh air, food, and disease control.

Q4. How can we ensure that ecosystem services are maintained?

Answer: There are many ways to ensure that ecosystem services are maintained. One important way is to protect and restore natural ecosystems. Another way is to use ecosystem services in a sustainable way so that they can continue to provide benefits for people and the planet in the future.

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