How boycotts are effective in Indian democracy? Explain

In India, boycotts are often used as a form of protest to voice displeasure with the government or to demand change.

Boycotts can be effective in democracy because they allow citizens to express their dissatisfaction with the government in a non-violent way. Additionally, boycotts can lead to media attention and pressure on the government to address the issue at hand.

Why boycotts are Important in Democracy like India?

When people are unhappy with their government or with the policies of a particular company, they may choose to boycott.

A boycott is a purposeful withdrawal of support for an individual, organization, or country. It is often used as a nonviolent way to bring about change. For example, citizens may boycott a company that is polluting the environment.

For example, in 2018, village residents in Maharashtra boycotted the state elections to protest the lack of development in their region. This boycott garnered media attention and eventually led to the state government announcing a package of development projects for the region.

Similarly, in 2016, students in Delhi boycotted exams to protest the lack of safety for women in the city. This boycott led to widespread media coverage and eventually led to the government taking steps to improve women’s safety in Delhi.

Thus, boycotts can be an effective way to bring about change in a democracy.

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