What do you mean by stereotype? Discuss the role of stereotypes in increasing discrimination.

A stereotype is an over-generalized belief about a particular group of people. It is usually based on an outdated or simplified view of that group and can be harmful to both the group that is being stereotyped and the individuals within it.

There’s no denying that stereotypes exist. And while we may not always be aware of them, they can influence our perceptions and attitudes in a way that leads to discrimination.

While stereotypes may be based on some truth, they’re usually exaggerated and can be quite harmful. That’s because they can lead us to make assumptions about others that may not be true. And when we act on these assumptions, it can result in discrimination.

One of the biggest problems with stereotypes is that they can lead to discrimination and prejudice. For example, many people believe that all Indians are dirty and poor. This is obviously not true, but because of these stereotypes, many people treat Indians poorly.

Another common stereotype is that all Indians are lazy. This is also not true, but because of this stereotype, Indians often face discrimination in the workplace.

These stereotypes are not only damaging to Indians, but they are also damaging to the country as a whole. They make it difficult for India to be seen as a modern, developed nation.

If India is ever going to be truly respected on the global stage, it needs to address the stereotype problem. This means educating people about the diversity of the country and its people. It also means changing the way India is portrayed in the media.

Only when these stereotypes are addressed will India be able to move forward and be seen as the great country it truly is.