What are the functions of Panchayati Raj?

Panchayati Raj, or the village council, is a form of local self-government in India. It is a three-tier system, with the village panchayat at the bottom, the taluka panchayat at the intermediate level, and the Zila Parishad at the top.

The village panchayat is the primary unit of Panchayati raj and is composed of a group of elected representatives or panchs. The panchs are chosen by the villagers, and they elect a president, or sarpanch, from amongst their ranks. The panchayat is responsible for the day-to-day governance of the village, and its decisions are binding on the villagers.

The taluka panchayat is the next level up and is composed of the panchs from all the village panchayats in a taluka or administrative subdivision. The taluka panchayat elects a president from amongst its members and is responsible for the development of the taluka.

The Zila Parishad is the apex body of the Panchayati raj system and is composed of the presidents of all the taluka panchayats in a district. The Zila Parishad is chaired by the district collector, and its main functions are to coordinate the activities of the taluka panchayats, and to oversee the development of the district.

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