When did Panchayati Raj start in Kerala?

The Panchayati Raj system was first adopted in Kerala in 1994. It is based on the principle of Gram Swaraj or self-governance at the village level.

Since its inception, Panchayati Raj has been instrumental in empowering ordinary citizens and giving them a voice in the governance of their villages. It has also helped to improve the quality of life in rural communities by providing them with access to basic services and amenities.

Panchayati Raj has been successful in Kerala due to the strong commitment of the state government to its implementation. The state government has provided financial and technical support to panchayats and has also created a favorable political and administrative environment for them to function.

The success of Panchayati Raj in Kerala is a testimony to the power of decentralized governance. It has shown that when given the opportunity, ordinary citizens are capable of taking charge of their own lives and making positive changes in their communities.

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