How to calculate cubic feet? Explained with examples

The units of measurement are crucial in mathematics. The capacity of a cube with sides measured in feet is what is known as its volume in cubic feet. The United States and the United Kingdom both use the cubic foot as a measurement unit.

The cubic feet measurements and examples from particle life will be covered in this article. We also go through issues with measurements that are not in feet.

What is a cubic foot?

A cubic foot is a unit to find the volume of an object that has length, width, and height. It means the volume of any 3-D object when the units of measurement in feet are known as cubic feet.

The cubic feet are useful in many measurements where we need to calculate the capacity.


We can calculate the volume of a cube by using the mathematical formula

V = l * w * h

Where V is the volume, l is the length of the object, w is width and h is the height.


Volume = length * width * height

The unit of volume in (unit)3.

  • Here the unit is in feet so the volume of the cube will be in feet3.
  • Volume (feet3) = length (feet) * width (feet) * height (feet)
  • Volume (feet3) = length * width * height (feet3)

What is capacity?

The capacity of an object is the ability to contain one thing inside. For example, a litter bolt has the capacity to contain 1 litter liquid in it. The simple way in mathematic capacity means the volume of an object. But in science capacity is the ability to do some task.

Finding the volume of a cube in cubic feet

using the conversion of a cubic foot’s volume. Each and every input must use the same units.

Before calculating in the same unit, we must modify and convert any measurements that are not in the same unit.

Cubic yard to cubic foot1 yard = 3 feet, thus, 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet
Cubic centimeters to cubic foot1 cm = 0.0328084 feet, thus, 1 cubic meter = 0.0000353 cubic feet
Cubic mile to cubic foot1 mile = 5280 foot, thus, 1 cubic mile = 1.472e+11cubic foot
Litter to cubic feet1 litter = 0.0353147 cubic feet
Nautical mile to cubic foot1 Nautical mile = 6076.12 foot, thus 1 cubic Nautical mile = 2.2432e11cubic foot

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How to calculate the cubic feet?

We discuss some examples where we find the volume of the given object. Let’s discuss one by one calculation in detail.

Example 1:

Determine the volume in cubic feet when the length is 23 feet, width is 56 feet and height is 20 feet.


Length = 23 feet

Width = 56 feet

Height = 20 feet

Volume (feet3) = length * width * height

Volume (feet3) = 23 * 56 * 20

Volume (feet3) = 25760 feet3

So, the volume of a given cube is 25760 feet3.

Sometimes the conversion makes us confused which led us to make a mistake in the calculation. You can find the cubic feet with the help of a cubic feet calculator to get the step-by-step solution with a single click.

You have to put the value of length width and height with their suitable units. After that, you have to press the enter key to manipulate the result in cubic feet.

Example 2:

Find the volume in cubic feet if the length is 125 mm, the width is 170 cm and the height is 24 cm.


Step 1: Convert all the units into feet.

  1. Form mm to ft

Length = 125 mm

After converting the length mm to feet

125 mm = 0.41 feet

So, length= 0.41 feet

  1. Form cm to ft

Width = 170 cm

After converting the width cm into feet

170 cm = 5.577 feet

So, width = 5.577 feet

  1. Form inch to ft

Height = 24 inch

We know that 1 foot = 12 inch

So, height = 2 feet

Step 2: Now using the formula of cubic feet

Cubic feet = length * width * height

Cubic feet = 0.41 * 5.577 * 2

Cubic feet = 4.57 feet3

So the volume of the cube in feet is 4.57 feet3.

Example 3:

I have to bring some stuff in my car. The car trunk is L shaped and some space is occupied by the toolbox. The truck has a length of 40 feet, a width of 30 feet, and a height of 30 feet. The Toolbox has a length of 10 feet, a width of 12 feet, and a height of 25 feet.  Find the empty space for the stuff.


Step 1: Find the volume of L shape truck of car = 40 * 30 *30 = 36000

And the toolbox volume = 10 * 12 *25 = 3000

Step 2: Find the empty space

36000 – 3000 = 33000


In this article, we have learned about cubic feet, conversions of some units into feet, and the capacity of the object. Now you are able to calculate any cubic feet problem after understanding the content of the post.